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Pitmatic is a political ideology in the Kingdom of Sorrenia advocating a political or physical revolution led by the old proletariat of Sorrenia, present mostly in the pit villages and cities of the north-east region of Sorrenia. Many see Pitmatic as the extention of Northumbrianism into an explicitly socialist, working class ideology.


Pitmatic refers to the northern dialect historically present in the English counties of Northumberland and Durham. Although linguistically distinct from the nearby dialects of Geordie and Mackem, the modern dialect of Pitmatic is influenced by said dialects.

Politically, Pitmatic was used to refer especially to the communities found in the north-east, centred around pit villages, seaside towns and the cities of Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland. Such groups are seen as possessing a strong political capacity and should be organised into a political force who can institute change.


Socialism in the north-east has always been dominated by the working class, many of whom closely identified with their communities and local towns and cities.

Since the creation of the Kingdom of Sorrenia, many members of The Republicans became disenfranchised by the growth of a student-oriented branch, as well as representatives from the southern cities of Bradford and Leeds.

Over time, many traditional Republican voters began to express their anger at the party, subsequently resulting in a resurgent group of Worker's Councils, many of whom had served as part of the Socialist League in the War of the Sorrenian Succession.

Pitmatic politicians began to canvas heavily in southern and eastern Durham, as well as Northumberland, Newcastle and Sunderland. Many were rewarded electorally, allowing Pitmatics to become a large faction of The Republicans.

Political Parties

A certain nostalgia for pit-villages and the working-class of Sorrenia is present in the New Monarchists and the Christian Alliance. Other than this aesthetic similarity however, Pitmatic is lacking support in any other political party, largely due to its explicitly socialist basis.