People's Pravda

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People's Pravda
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)The Republicans
Political alignmentRepublicanism

The People's Pravda is a left-wing republican newspaper owned and operated by The Republicans and one of the three major national newspapers operating in the Kingdom of Sorrenia. Created initially during the early days of the Sorrenian Federation, the People's Pravda was first owned by the Sorrenian Workers Party, and is one of the oldest pieces of Sorrenian media.

With the War of the Sorrenian Succession and the emergence of the Kingdom of Sorrenia, ex-members of the Workers Party formed 'The Republicans' and the People's Pravda.

The Pravda regularly criticises the Sorrenian monarchy, and consistently releases articles in favour of a republican agenda. The paper remains one of the most widely read in Sorrenia, behind only the Military Tribune.

Though opinionated journalism is allowed in Sorrenia, the Pravda has often been criticised as a source of republican propaganda, and its national polls are suspected of bias by many. Leading figures in the Pravda are also suspected of maintaining communication with Adam Scargill and the Socialist League.