Harry Jones

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Harry Jones
Member of Parliament for Barnard Castle
Assumed office
Predecessor Office created
Successor Incumbent
Chairman of the Christian Democrats
Assumed office
Predecessor Office created
Successor Incumbent
Leader of the Opposition
In office
30/11/20 - 04/03/21
Predecessor Office created
Successor Martin Aquinas
Citizenship Northumbrian
Political party Christian Democrats
Other political
CAP (2013)
NDLP (2013-14; 2018-20)
Commonwealth Party (2014-15)
Independent (2015-18)
Alma mater Durham University
Religion Anglican



Harry started his Micronational life in the micronation of Kozlova, a communist nation, founded by himself and several of his friends. He then left during its downfall for political reasons after he and several rebels created a civil war in the nation.


Aztoka was a rebel micronation formed to oppose the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova. Initially a region of Kozlova, a rebellion took over to oppose communist rule. With another rebellious region, called Yavaria, Aztoka successfully seized the southern regions of Kozlova, forming Yavoka, a confederation of anti-communist movements in Kozlova. The rebels engaged in talks with the communist government, and the nation was disbanded, with the Sorrenian Federation replacing it. Likewise, Aztoka was reformed into the Democratic Kingdom of Amon Lasgalen, which remains a part of Sorrenia to this day.

Ashukov Federation

For a short time he was citizen of the Ashukov Federation, where he was given the position of Mayor of Laru. After joining the Sorrenian Federation however, he resigned and revoked his citizenship.


He joined Sorrenia on 16/04/2014, forming the Centrist Anglican Party, which was later deformed after the Secularism Bill was passed. Harry went on to play an important role in Sorrenia, becoming the King of Amon Lasgalen, Minister for Social Affairs and Lieutenant of the Sorrenian Revolutionary Army, later being promoted to Commanding General.


He joined Abelden on 25 February 2015, joining the New Democratic Party of Abelden. Harry was elected as Stellvertreter on the Abeldane general elections, July 2015 and became Vorsitzender on the 10 August 2015 after Damian Billbrough left Abelden. Harry was granted the title of Duke of Creton on the following day.