Northumbrian general election, April 2022

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Northumbrian general election, July 2021
Unknown: Northumbria Flag.png
← March 2021 30/11/20
Party Leader % Seats ±
Socialist Party Martin Aquinas 19 +4
National Democratic Party Rilgar Ompastre 10 -4
Christian Democrats Harry Jones 4 0
Tees Party 3 0
Liberal-Green Alliance 4 0
Alston Left 1 1 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister
Rilgar Ompastre
National Democratic Party
Rilgar Ompastre
National Democratic Party

Full results

Flipped constituencies

Constituency Party before election Party after election
Blyth Valley NDP Socialist Party
Chester-le-Street NDP Socialist Party
Hartlepool NDP Socialist Party
Seaham NDP Socialist Party

Government formation

A total of four options were considered by the Socialist Party when it came to forming a government, who due to their size would be part of any ruling coalition. Some members recommended a continuation of the previous coalition government with the Liberal-Green Alliance and the Christian Democrats; others preferred only aligning with one or the other, with either option still possessing a majority of three in Parliament. And some members supported the Socialist Party forming a minority government.