Jonathan Richmond

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Jonathan Richmond
Minister for Amon Lasgalen
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Amon Lasgalen Council Majority Leader
Assumed office
Successor Incumbent
Amon Lasgalen Council Member for Richmond North
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Born Denbigh, United Kingdom
Citizenship Sorrenian
Political party Old Monarchists (2018)
NDLP (2018-)
Residence Richmond, Amon Lasgalen
Religion Anglican


It is a political norm in Sorrenia to adopt an alias, utilising a pseudonym and alternative portrait. Jonathan is named after his home town of Richmond, and adopts a statue of Llywelyn the Great as his portrait.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

Controversially, Jonathan fought against the Kingdom of Sorrenia in the War of the Sorrenian Succession, acting as a leading figure in the Morgannwgydd Royal Army.

Jonathan was present at both the Battle of the Crow and the Battle of Eryn Galen, both of which were lost by the Morgannwgydd forces, resulting in the occupation of Morgannwg, renamed Amon Lasgalen.

Amon Lasgalen Council

Unlike several of his compatriots, after the war, Jonathan did not agitate for independence, instead of attempting to establish a devolved monarchy and legislative body within Amon Lasgalen - his decision to join the Old Monarchists was seen as central to their victory in the county in several elections.

He was elected as an Old Monarchist (renamed the Christian Alliance) to the Amon Lasgalen Council and became its Majority Leader; however, after Llewelyn Lawton rejoined Sorrenia and became party chairman of the NDLP, Jonathan defected.

During this period, he continued to agitate for the devolved monarchy and created several quorums within the Amon Lasgalen Council to discuss the possibility of such plans; the complete opposition however from the Sorrenian central government prevented any success.

Minister for Amon Lasgalen

After the resounding victory of the NDLP in the November general election, Jonathan was appointed Minister for Amon Lasgalen; his prior agitation for devolution was noted by the New Monarchists, who vocally opposed his appointment but ultimately relented.

Jonathan has remained one of the more controversial ministers in Sorrenia; although it is not government policy, he has remained staunchly in favour of a devolved monarchy, breaching Cabinet collective responsibility.

He has also taken part in a cross-party proposal to devolve powers to several regions in Sorrenia, as well as redraw electoral boundaries to create additional seats in the west and south.

These plans have made Jonathan extremely popular within the NDLP - especially within branches in Amon Lasgalen, Hortania, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lonsdale; it has however exacerbated his strained relationship with New Monarchist colleagues, members of the Christian Alliance and many members from the left-wing The Republicans.

Personal life

Parliamentary Results

Election Constituency Party % Lead +/- Nearest Party
April 2018 Richmond North Old Monarchists 34 2 34% Lasgalen Revolutionary Front
June 2018 Richmond North Old Monarchists 38 4 4% NDLP
July 2018 Richmond North NDLP 44 10 6% Old Monarchists
November 2018 Richmond North NDLP 46 8 2% Christian Alliance


Jonathan is most vocally an Amon Lasgalen nationalist and monarchist, who seeks to re-establish a devolved Amon Lasgalen monarchy. He was accused by some ministerial colleagues as seeking the monarchy for himself, although he strongly denied this, and instead supported the reinstitution of Llewelyn Lawton as King of Amon Lasgalen

Economically, Jonathan is perceived as generally centrist and a member of the moderate NDLP 'oranges'.

Jonathan has become a leading figure in the Millomist movement, which seeks to institute widespread electoral reform and devolution.