Royal Army of Sorrenia

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Royal Army of Sorrenia
Established 30 March 2018
Country Kingdom of Sorrenia
Service Branches Sorrenian Regulars
Sorrenian Royal Navy
Sorrenian Royal Air Force
Coldstream Guards
Bamburgh Guards
Previous engagements War of the Sorrenian Succession
Current engagements Dradelian Insurgency
War Council Ronald I
General information
Headquarters Fenham Barracks
Active personnel 10

Sorrenian Regulars

The Sorrenian Regulars make up the bulk of the Royal Army and act as general reserves. They are capable of serving both as a defensive and offensive unit.

Aside from patrols and training, the Sorrenian Regulars are able to act as emergency services in the case of flooding and the like.

Royal Navy

Currently, the Royal Navy is restricted in its operation to inland waters, in which patrols are conducted using a small raft. Such patrolled waters include the likes of Derwent Reservoir.

Upon independence, the Royal Navy would also be able to patrol the waters of the North Sea and Irish Sea, with the Sorrenian government indicating a desire to restore cities such as Newcastle and Sunderland to their historic maritime importance.

Royal Air Force

Currently, the Royal Air Force is restricted to the operation of several small drones and a remote-controlled helicopter.

There are several British RAF bases situated throughout Sorrenia which would be appropriated for use by the Sorrenian RAF upon independence. Such sites include RAF Leeming and RAF Boulmer.

Coldstream Guards

Named after the British Coldstream Guards - themselves named after the village of Coldstream which straddles the Northumbrian border - the Guards are tasked with the maintenance of border security.

The Coldstream Guards are placed both on the Sorrenian-Scottish and English borders, with permanent placements situated in Leeds, Lancaster and Berwick-upon Tweed.

Unlike their British namesakes, the Guards are not an offensive unit, and are tasked only with border patrol and defence.

Bamburgh Guards

Named after the coastal village of Bamburgh - the historic capital of the Kingdom of Northumbria, the Bamburgh guards are the personal bodyguard of the Sorrenian monarch.

They are directly administered by His Majesty and accompany him permanently. Although their official headquarters is Bamburgh Castle, their duties make the Royal Household their de facto headquarters.