Republicanism in Sorrenia

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Republicanism is a prominent political ideology in the Kingdom of Sorrenia, most notably espoused by the Republicans and the NDLP.

Republicanism centrally aims to remove the national monarchy of Sorrenia, deposing King Ronald I and either restoring the defunct Sorrenian Federation or creating a wholly new republic.


Political Parties


Beliefs common to almost all republicans in Sorrenia are:

 • Deposition - King Ronald is to be forced to abdicate any claim to a Sorrenian, Dradelian or Amon Lasgalen throne

 • Abolition of Monarchy - the Sorrenian monarchy is to be removed entirely, replaced either by a legislatively-sourced executive or a presidential system

 • Constitutionalism - the system that replaces the Kingdom of Sorrenia should be constitutionally outlined in the form of a written document

Leftist Republicanism

Leftist Republicanism is by far the largest anti-monarchy movement in Sorrenia. Led by the joint largest political party, leftist republicanism typically invokes 'federal nostalgia', appeals to left-wing nationalism and calls for strike action and protest.

Centrist Republicanism

Centrism is the smaller of the two forms of republicanism, but has steadily grown as an alternative to its leftist counterpart.

Principally headed by the NDLP, centrist republicanism endorses the creation of a wholly new regime and limited local monarchies, achieved by Reformism.