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Types of government specific to micronationalism
People's Republic of Koya

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Politics and government of
People's Republic of Koya

Mínzúism is the official political ideology of the People's Republic of Koya, Shady Morsi, the Second President of Koya developed the ideology –originally viewed as a variant on the Principle of Mínzú to become distinctly "Koyan" in character, Strongly emphasising the individual, the nation state and its sovereignty.


The Principle of Mínzú (民族主義, Mínzú Zhǔyì) is commonly rendered as "nationalism", literally "Populism" or "the People's rule/government", "Mínzú/People" clearly describing a nation rather than a group of persons united by a purpose, hence the commonly used and rather accurate translation "nationalism". By this, Morsi meant independence from imperialist domination. To achieve this he believed that Koya must develop a "Koya-nationalism," as opposed to an "ethnic-nationalism," so as to unite all of the different ethnicities of Koya, mainly composed by the three major groups of Chinese, Japanese, and the Koreans, which together are symbolized by the Flag of Koya. This sense of nationalism is different from the idea of "ethnocentrism," which equates to the same meaning of nationalism in Chinese language. To achieve this he believed that Koya must develop a "national consciousness" so as to unite the Koyans in the face of imperialist aggression. He argued that "minzu", which can be translated as "people", "nationality" or "race", were defined by sharing common blood, livelihood, religion, language and customs.



The Mínzúist-oriented viewpoint and attitude to the world means approaching the world from the viewpoint of interests of the Koyan people, The Koyan Nation should defend their interests The Koyan nation should never focus on internationalizing, but rather on maintaining its sovereignty and working together with nations on trade, economics and defense. Other nations should not influence internal or foreign affairs.Mínzúism also claims that Taxation is theft, but it is needed to maintain the public sector, which should remain small.


Minzuism belives that Export-oriented industrialization is the backbone of the Koyan economy, Aiming to speed up the industrialization process of a country by exporting goods for which the nation has a comparative advantage. Export-led growth implies opening domestic markets to foreign competition in exchange for market access in other countries. flat tax is the most fair form of taxation. Nobody should have to pay a higher percentage than another.


The Military is a important cultural point of Koya the KDF is mainly self-reliant, to overcome foreign embargo, Koya has developed its own military industry, produced its own guns, and guided missiles,

Social Liberties

Mínzúism opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, However All drugs soft drugs should be legalized.