Viadalvian Nationalism

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Viadalvian Nationalism refers to nationalism or patriotism centred upon the Viadalvians - an identity referring to a united singular Viadalvians and Viadalvian populated territories of Holland. Viadalvian Nationalism has historically advocated the union of all Viadalvian populated territories now composing Viadalvia, Viadalvian Nationalism is a potent political force during the formation


  • Support for the idea of an independent, sovereign Unionist state as a recognised macronation
  • Unites Viadalvia in a Union
  • Support for the idea of the Derskov-Viadalvia as one of the "superpowers" of the world
  • Belief in the existence of a distinct racial and cultural identity for Derskovian and Viadalvian people;
  • Staunch support for Viadalvianism
  • Unites Cooperaties under 1 banner

Viadalvian Nationalist States