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The flag of Neo-Ergatism, a combination of the flag of Ergatism and the Irish tricolour.

Neo-Ergatism, more commonly known as Euro-Ergatism, is a branch of Ergatism, an ideology formulated by Conor Newman, which is referred to by Neo-Ergatists as Old Ergatism. The terms 'Neo-Ergatist', 'Euro-Ergatist', 'Neo-Ergatism' and 'Euro-Ergatist' were all coined by political theorist Thomas Jacobs. Neo-Ergatism holds itself to the belief that Old Ergatism is a flawed and contradictory ideology, as it holds both free market and regulationest views on economics and a contradiction of authoritarianism and libertarianism.

Neo-Ergatism sets out itself as a semi free-market, Hibernophillic, Irish nationalist, and political Catholic ideology, holding the belief that a free market is most beneficial to the wellbeing of the masses, whilst being in favour of a Catholic traditionalist outlook on society. Uniquely in Ergatism, it is both Irish nationalist and Hibernophillic, and proposes the spread of Irish culture, its language and beliefs into a destined “Hibernophone world”, and is fanatically against anti-Irish sentiment.

Parties espousing Neo-Ergatism

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