Koyan Won

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Koyan Won
Koya RKD $2000.jpg
Official usersKoya flag.png Republic of Koya
Coins₩1/2, ₩1, ₩5, ₩10, ₩20, ₩50
Banknotes₩100, ₩200, ₩500, ₩1000, ₩2000
Central bankNational Emblem of the Bank of Koya.png Bank of Koya

The Koya Won, officially Koyan won, has been the currency of the Republic of Koya since 2014. Originally issued by the Bank of Koya. The currency code RKW and common abbreviation ₩.


The current series of banknotes for the Koyan won began circulation in 2014. The current set includes banknotes for ₩100, ₩200,₩500, ₩1000, and ₩$2000. Note that the ₩200 and ₩2000 banknotes are not commonly used by consumers. This may be due to the tendencies of consumers to simply use multiple ₩100 or ₩500 bills to cover the range of the ₩200, as well as using ₩1000 bills or credit/debit cards instead of the ₩2000 bill. Lack of government promotion may also be a contributing factor to the general lack of usage.


Koya RKD $100.jpg
Koya RKD $200.jpg
Koya RKD $500.jpg
Koya RKD $1000.jpg
Koya RKD $2000.jpg