Kenno Gundan

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Legion of the Sword
Kenno Gundan
SpokepersonMitsuru Kanai
Founded10 June 2016
Ideology• Para-fascism

• Reunificationism •Stateism

•Anti Communism
Official colorsBlue

The Legion of the Sword Known under his Japanese name Kenno Gundan a Koyan banned para military fascist organization created by Mitsuru Kanai to promote the goals of his Shintaisei ("New Order") movement. It evolved into a "ultranationalist" political party which aimed at removing the sectionalism in the politics and economics in the Republic of Koya to create a totalitarian single-party state, It claims to be the sucessor of the National Patriotic Front an other Koyan fascist organization As result of the political crisis in Koya and the establishment of the People's Republic of Koya political parties other than the National Unity Party were dissolved.