Liberal Party (Koya)

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Liberal Party of Koya
ChairmanKevin Vanhaar
Anthem"Ode To Joy"
Founded6 August 2014
HeadquartersShuwei, Koya
Political positionLeft
Official colorsGreen
Legislative Diet
2 / 10

The Liberal Party of Koya is a major opposition Party . Founded in 2014 after the re foundation of Koya the Liberal Party forms the offical opposition with the People's Social Democratic Alliance.In Koya, the term liberalism refers to new left politics. Party ideology has therefore been referred to as liberalism, distinct from its meaning in some countries, but also anti-fascism, which features strongly in party ideology. The Liberal Party is a combination of economic liberalism and socialism, As result of the political crisis in Koya and the establishment of the People's Republic of Koya political parties other than the National Unity Party were suspended.

People's Republic of Koya

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