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Federal State of Indokistan

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Indokistani direct democracy (Demokrasi langsung Indokistan) is a term described the system of government used by government of Federal State of Indokistan which was implemented after the new constitution made official in 2015. It is the system of direct democracy with a fusion of power and dual mandate between executive and legislative centered in one supreme body called National Forum of Indokistan. This system reflects the style of traditional Indonesian consensus decision-making took place in small villages.


The system was dictated by the national constitution that become official in 2015. The system then began to be developed seriously as a separate unique system after April 2015 when it is discovered that there is no term to explain the system used by the nation. Indokistani government started to use the term "Indokistani direct democracy" or "Indokistani system" to describe the system of governance since May 2015.

Indokistani government claims that this system is most fit for micronations with small population, primarily for its simplicity. The government have no intention to popularise this system and spread it to foreign micronations. Indokistani president Farhan Abbas dubbed this system as "valuable for the country".


National Forum

The system combines the executive and legislative in one single supreme body: National Forum, with different treatment of the president and the senators, but with intertwined tasks. This system causing the nation to lost its executive-legislative boundary.

Executive-Legislative relationship

The head of state and head of government is held by president, on which he also the head of the National Forum. He controls and moderates the entire national forum activity, and able to call for meeting. The president also can ask for suggestion on how he should act in one particular task, treating the members of the National Forum as his own advisor.

The National Forum is a body on which entire active Indokistani citizens is the member. Beside its primary task to create and modify law, the National Forum also an advisory council for the president. National Forum members has power to impeach its own head - the president - by gathering majority votes to support the impeachment.

Indokistani direct democracy and Indonesian consensus tradition

This system resembles the traditional Indonesian Musyawarah tradition, particularly a practice called “rembug desa”, on which village leaders and villagers gather to discuss on one particular problem and to solve it together. This practice usually took place in a small village with strong bonds between each members.