President of Indokistan

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President of the
Federal State of Indokistan
Presiden Negara Federal Indokistan
Seal President IKT.png
Presidential seal
Style His Excellency
Residence Coatesville, Central Indokistan (last)
Appointer National Forum
Term length 18 months
non-consecutive term
Inaugural holder Farhan Abdurrahman
Formation 20 September 2010
Final holder Farhan Abdurrahman
Abolished 5 July 2016

Federal State of Indokistan

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President of Federal State of Indokistan (Presiden Negara Federal Indokistan) was the head of state and head of government of Indokistan from 2010 until 2016. It had 18 months for one term duration with no limit of terms to be taken by candidates, but the incumbent shall not take another term for the next period, and is able to register as candidate after the succeeding president term ends. So one person may had infinite terms, but without consecutive terms.

First president Farhan Abdurrahman was appointed under meritocratic principle, which another two founders at that time, Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan saw him as the most competent individual, making him to be appointed as president at that time. This principle of meritocracy was reused as an official procedure inside National Forum, when members may appoint anyone inside the forum that they seen as most competent, except the incumbent. On that new system, Farhan Abdurrahman was reelected on 2014 election, the only figure to do so.

Since the establishment, election to appoint new president was already held for three times, first held in 2011, 2013, and the last one was in 2014. All of those elections mentioned produced Dicky L. K., Tian Abdurrahman, and Farhan Abdurrahman as president, respectively.

Powers and duties

Powers and duties president of Indokistan were established on the constitution. President headed the national forum, which was one of the core part of Indokistani direct democracy system. President had important role as symbol of unity of the nation of Indokistan as whole, and headed the national armed forces.

President signed treaties, had rights to declare war and martial law upon agreement from national forum, granting awards, orders, and pardon to particular peoples, receive credentials from foreign ambassador, and to declare mobilization and dismissal of national armed forces. Presidents also had rights to establish a decree.


Indokistan had no other executive position but the president, and if the president suddenly unable to run his task because of his death, resignation, or other circumstances, the National Forum will appoint new acting president among its members. The appointed acting president later should decided does he will continue his predecessor term, or to held a new presidential election - this procedure was introduced in 2014 after a constitutional amendment.

Indokistan experienced three presidential resignations throughout its history, forcing appointment of new successor. The first one was in 2012 during Dicky L. K. resignation, which at that time Prime Minister Nabil Ihsan automatically ascended the president position, as obliged by the constitution, ignoring Dicky request to either replaced by his "vice-president" or to held new election, which both rendered unconstitutional. Nabil Ihsan again took position as provisional head of state after departure of Jendri Mamahit from his position in December 2012. The last one was in January 2014, when Tian Abdurrahman that abandoned his position was replaced by Rayhan Haikal, on which he decided to continue the term of Tian's presidency that ended in December 2014.

Oath of office

Before taking its position, president-elect must read the oath of office. This oath for the first time read during the inauguration of Dicky L. K. in 2011. The English translation of the oath reads:

I, [name], will running the government as good as possible, executing people's mandate and obey to the constitution, and also establishing justice.

List of presidents

Until its dissolution, Indokistan had 7 figures served as president, 3 of the figures appointed through an election in 2011 in 2013, and in 2014, while the rest were appointed through indirect appointment as consensus from special meetings on emergency situations. The last president was Farhan Abdurrahman, which became the very first to be reelected, despite not the first to run on multiple terms, as this was achieved first by Nabil Ihsan. Throughout the history of Indokistan, all eras had at least one president, except during Emergency government and first Federation, on which collective leadership was employed instead.

Term Portrait Name Term of office Form of entry
Indokistani First and Second Republic, September 2010 - December 2010 and January 2011 - July 2012
Picture 039.jpg Farhan Abdurrahman 16 September 2010 16 September 2011 Appointed by founders
Appointed under meritocratic basis by his partner on the founding of Indokistan - Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan in 16 September 2010. Oversaw huge development and consolidation in various affairs inside the newly-formed country. Overthrowned in December 2010 but survived and reinstalled as president in January 2011. Authorized process to introduce Indokistan to MicroWiki community and world micronational community at large in February 2011. Successfully uphold citizens moral during Indokistan - Ntolian War and Nameless Betrayal. Handed over power to Dicky L. K. after Dicky's victory in 2011 election.
2 Picture 004.jpg Dicky L. K. 16 September 2011 15 February 2012 Elected - 47.36%
First president to be elected democratically. First constitution was established during his leadership. Authorized an embargo against Santos in end of 2011. Resigned after his health declined, but also allegedly after a conflict of interest with several government officers including his prime minister.
Foto PM.jpg Nabil Ihsan 16 February 2012 21 August 2012 Acting president
Immediately took control of the country after resignation of the previous president. Authorized merge attempt with Monovia and various micronations to form Indonovia. Attended LIR Union meeting in August 2012, the first and only successful intermicronational summit inside Indonesian sector to date. Shortly after that, declared the establishment of the Emergency Government and gather remaining active citizens to form an emergency council.
Emergency Government of Indokistan, August 2012 - September 2012
COA Indokistan 4.png National Salvation Council 22 August 2012 16 September 2012 Collective leadership
A triumvirate formed by remaining active members of Indokistan. Centralised regional control and dissolving inactive institutions. Dissolved after merge of Al Rasyid Darussalam and Bobodolands to form Federal Republic of Indokistan.
Federal Republic of Indokistan, September 2012 - October 2012
COA Indokistan 4.png Federal Council 16 September 2012 3 October 2012 Collective leadership
An attempt on collective leadership formed as agreement on the early formation of the Federal Republic. Comprising of Nabil Ihsan as Head of Government, Tian Abdurrahman as Head of Parliament, and Jendri Mamahit as Secretary of State. Dissolved shortly after the collapse of the Federal Republic, as top country leadership returned to single person instead of collective leadership.
Indokistani Third Republic, October 2012 - December 2012
Nocoa.png Jendri Mamahit 3 October 2012 18 December 2012 Appointed by Federal Council
Appointed as president in October 2012 as agreement from other members inside the former Federal Council. First president not originated from Indokistan proper territory. Proposing radical changes summarized in a "five-years plan" to the country during his leadership. Abandoned his position and left the country in December 2012 after coerced by secessionist rebels on his home state, but allegedly also motivated by his conflict with his head of parliament.
Provisional Government of Indokistan, January 2013 - July 2013
Foto PM.jpg Nabil Ihsan 19 December 2012 4 July 2013 Acting president
Took over position after departure of Jendri Mamahit, became the first to run the presidency for more than one term. Authorized a successful reform in January 2013 that formed the foundation for the Federal State. Accepting Raflesinesia and Wirasena as constituent part of Indokistan in February and March 2013. Handed over power to Tian Abdurrahman after Tian's victory on the election in July 2013.
Federal State of Indokistan, July 2013 - July 2016
TIAN.jpg Tian Abdurrahman 5 July 2013 4 January 2014 Elected - 60%
Second president to be elected democratically, his commitment on "Indonesianisation" was infamous among citizens. Authorized an intervention to Ivanesia on August 2013 and composition of new constitution in November 2013. Oversaw arrival of Aziz Pahlevi and Aziziyah to the country. He resigned from his position as Barakstan declared secession from Indokistan in January 2014.
Lecture.jpg Rayhan Haikal 5 January 2014 4 January 2015 Acting president
Took over position after departure of Tian Abdurrahman and decided to finish the term. Authorized the only physical state governor meeting since establishment of the Federal State in June 2014 and accepting proposal on Madyaraksa union with Los Bay Petros on July 2014. He handed over power to Farhan Abdurrahman after a successful election in December 2014.
5 Picture 039.jpg Farhan Abdurrahman 5 January 2015 5 July 2016 Elected - 75%
Elected president from the only "indirect" election inside the country and the first one to be reelected to the position. Authorized the establishment of unique system of Indokistani direct democracy in May 2015. Maintained stability inside the Federal State but failed to maintained activity level that was declined since early 2016. Unprecedentedly supported National Forum motion to dissolve the country on 24 June, he left his office on 5 July, the day Indokistan dissolved.
Dissolution of Indokistan, presidential office abolished on 5 July 2016