Aziz Pahlevi

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Aziz I
Sultan of Aziziyah
Sultan of Aziziyah
Reign31 October 2013 - 20 July 2016
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorThrone abolished
Governor of Aziziyah
In office
1 January 2014 – 20 July 2016
Died3 October 2022(2022-10-03) (aged 21)
w:Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia

Aziz Pahlevi, also known by his regnal name Sultan Aziz I was the only sultan and governor for Aziziyah within the Federal State of Indokistan. Aziz established the sultanate and proclaimed himself as Sultan in 31 October 2013, while subsequently accepting Indokistani suzerainty as dependent territory. On 1 January 2014, he declared full integration of Aziziyah to Indokistan as a full state.

Throughout his career inside Indokistan, he maintained a relatively moderate influence inside Indokistan, and further, the Indonesian sector. Inside Aziziyah, he was hailed as an effective and consistent leader, after successfully contained a rebellion there in 2014.

Began to continuously absent from National Forum sessions before the dissolution of Indokistan, he only realised that Indokistan was already dissolved in 20 July. Shortly after that, he had no choice but to declare Aziziyah dissolved, symbolically added his signature inside the dissolution decree, and declared his retirement from micronationalism.

Aziz passed away in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 3 October 2022 due to illness.

Micronational career

Aziziyah establishment

His interest to micronationalism arose thanks to Molossia website, which inspired him to establish a micronation by his own. His involvement in Indokistan began after his interaction with Indokistani then-President Tian Abdurrahman, which successfully persuade him to develop his micronation, yet as an Indokistani dependent territory, which was declared in October 2013.

Aziz was immediately introduced to the rest of Indokistani population that warmly received him as their new compatriot. Aziz claimed that Aziziyah would be glad if was accepted as full Indokistani state, which was applauded by citizens. After discussions with the Indokistani federal authority, he declared integration as Indokistani state in 1 January 2014.

Within Indokistan

His decision to merge to Indokistan was praised by both Aziziyah an Indokistani citizens, because it could boost Aziziyah micronational activity inside Indonesian sector. His demand to preserve monarchy nature inside Aziziyah was fulfulled, enabling to continue his religious, monarchy sultanate -- an anomaly inside Indokistani republican, secular state.

In May 2014, he successfully contained a rebellion against Aziziyah government, with sole goal to declare secession from Indokistan. With his diplomatic ability, he able to defeat the rebel without force, while also agreed a financial compensation demanded by them. His success on maintaining Aziziyah under control with such situation was praised by its citizens and National Forum members, as well members of Indonesian micronational community.

Inside National Forum, he was treated as the youngest member, continuously received motivations from fellow members. Ruling the farthest region from capital city Suwarnakarta, he had no methods to communicate but only with online forum. Because of this, he was the only state leader not to physically attend the state leaders meeting on July 2014 in Suwarnakarta. In April 2016, Aziz finally meet Suwarnakarta governor Mustafa Hakim in Sunda Raya, marking his first and only physical contacts with fellow Indokistani citizens.

He began to absent frequently from National Forum session shortly before dissolution of Indokistan in 2016, cited communication line damage as reason of his abstention. His abstention was so severe it became one of the cause of quorum failure inside the Forum, that led to its eventual dissolution. In 24 June 2016, during the ratification of the dissolution decree, he became the only state leader to not ratify the decree because of his abstention. He was only able to be contacted in 20 July, days after Indokistani dissolution.

Retirement and death

Had no choice but to declare dissolution, Aziz finally declared Aziziyah dissolution and his throne extinct in 20 July, which means he retired from micronational world. Shortly after, he expressed his desire to reestablish a micronation, yet with no monarchy because of his developing political view which were increasingly more republican.

Outside micronational world, he began to develop his political study, attended Model United Nations gatherings and other political venues. Compared with his earlier days inside Indokistan, he became more liberal and sometimes showed his opposition on Indonesian religious conservatives and fundamentalists. Aziz also began to showing his dissatisfaction with religious institution, on one event he even described himself as an agnostic.

Aziz passed away in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 3 October 2022. He was buried shortly after his death in Jakarta.


During his reign, Aziz decided that his titles would be translated into three languages, alongside his native Indonesian.

  • Indonesian: Yang Mulia Sultan Aziz yang Pertama
  • English: His Majesty Sultan Aziz the First
  • German: Seiner Majestät Sultan Aziz Die Erste
  • Arabic: حضرة صاحب الجلالة السلطان العزيز الأول