Television of Indokistan

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Television of Indokistan
Televisi Indokistan
Launched January 2012
Runned by Indokistan News Network
Slogan Listen to both sides
Country Indokistan
Language English
Broadcast area Worldwide
Formerly called KistanTV (Apr 2011-Jan 2012)
Website Channel

The Television of Indokistan (Televisi Indokistan, TVI) is the state-owned broadcaster of Indokistan as subsidiary of Indokistan News Network. TVI was established under the name KistanTV in March 2011 and the old name were used until January 2011, when the name was changed into Television of Indokistan, or TVI.


The channel for the first time broadcasts its program on 26 March 2011, when the first national anthem of Indokistan, Majulah Indokistan was broadcasted.[1] Since that time, KistanTV broadcasting shows steadily grown up. The first news program, titled KistanNews was broadcasted on 7 June 2011. The television started to use watermark in August 2011. A media reform in January 2012[2] resulting in Indokistani government decision to change the entire channel format, from its news program until its name. On that reform, KistanTV was changed to Television of Indokistan.


As of 2014, various shows has been created and broadcasted by TVI.

TVI News is a routine news programme broadcasted by TVI. It features recent news especially from and about Indokistan affairs. Until the last broadcast, Mustafa Hakim was become its newscaster. It was decided that the newest TVI News broadcast will relinquish the usage of studio and in-vision reporter, as it will rely on the usage of narration and voice-over report.
  • History Show
A history-themed show which presented historical events occured in and related to Indokistan. Its pilot episode was broadcasted in February 2014, which talks about 2011 Indokistani election. Currently have 3 episodes, including about 2012 LIR Union Summit
Old logo that used between January until February 2012