Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation

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Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation
Type Broadcaster
Country Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
GDR Andersonia (until November 2010)
Availability Nationwide
Owner Siroccan Government
Key people Daniel Anderson, Minister of Broadcasting
Established 23 April 2009 (as ABC)
4 October 2010 (as SBC)
Motto It's who we are
Former names Andersonian Broadcasting Corporation (April 2009-September 2010)
Andersonian Broadcasting Service (September–October 2010)
Television ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 (April 2009-October 2010)
SBC TV (from October 2010)

The Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation, commonly referred to as "the SBC", is Sirocco's national public broadcaster. The corporation provides television services throughout metropolitan and regional Sirocco. Originally founded as the Andersonian Broadcasting Corporation on 23 April 2009, it was reformed into the SBC on 4 October 2010. In its history it has served three nations despite two of these receiving little (if any) content.


Television services first began within the Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia on 23 April 2009, when the Andersonian Broadcasting Corporation went to air for the first time. Transmissions were also relayed into the nation of Wellington (a separate nation not linked to the MicroWiki state) as part of an agreement reached by the Andersonian and Wellingtonian governments. Broadcasts were originally provided on ABC1, but quickly expanded into ABC2 and ABC3.

However these stations provided no real content and were mainly just padding for the nation. When Wellington was disestablished in early 2010, the ABC's transmissions became solely Andersonian, although by this stage the ABC had essentially become defunct, although continued to serve as state broadcaster.

This period of inactivity continued until 21 September 2010, when as part of the preparations for the formation of the Federal Commonwealth of Andersonia (as it was then known), the corporation was renamed the Andersonian Broadcasting Service (so as to not conflict with the Australian and American broadcasters known by the initials "ABC") with ABC2 and ABC3 being closed down and ABC1 being renamed ABS1.

The ABS did manage to get some broadcasting groundwork completed before it was reformed into the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation on October 4, 2010. The reasons for this were firstly to match the nation's name after the switch from "Andersonia" to "Sirocco" on 3 October 2010 and secondly to prevent a name clash with Australia's SBS if the first letter was to be switched. ABS1 was also renamed SBC1. The SBC assumed the role of broadcaster to Andersonia in its final weeks, and transmission ended on 2 November 2010, one day before the nation's dissolution.

SBC1 first aired content on 4 October 2010, which comprised of a three-minute news broadcast. It aired no additional content until 22 December 2010 when it broadcast the Premier's first Address to the Nation. On 18 January 2011 SBC1 was finally renamed SBC TV as moves began to bring more content to the SBC.

On 21 March 2011, SBC TV was finally launched, with the first programme shown being British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine. The launch was generally well-received, and on 20 April 2011 the SBC's first-ever Siroccan-produced television series, this being Micro High, began.

In March 2012, the SBC became one of the first members of the Micronational Press Council. On December 2, the SBC changed its corporate logo to reflect the more "1950s" look that had been rolled out on SBC TV.



Within Sirocco the SBC operates one television channel, SBC TV. This channel, which is also known by its former name "SBC1", receives all of the broadcaster's programs as well as those received from other nations. The channel also provides micronational news via its SBC News program.

Television broadcasts officially began on 21 March 2011.

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