Jesse Coles

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Jesse Coles
1st Vice-Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
Assumed office
4 November 2010
Premier Daniel Anderson
Political party Siroccan Federal Party
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
1st Executive Representative for Jellicoe
Assumed office
10 April 2012
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
1st Minister of the Commonwealth
Assumed office
19 February 2012
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
1st Minister of Transport
In office
5 November 2010 - 18 February 2012
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office disbanded
Personal information
Born 18 April 1994 (1994-04-18) (age 30)
Brisbane, Australia
Nationality Sirocco
Ethnicity New Zealand European (Pakeha)
Political party Siroccan Federal
Residence Ridgelow, Jellicoe
Religion Jehovah's Witness

Jesse Coles (born 18 April 1994 in Brisbane, Australia) is a Siroccan politician and the Vice-Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. He is the first person to hold this post.


Early life

Jesse Coles was born in Brisbane, Australia on 18 April 1994. He grew up initially in Australia, before moving to New Zealand in the early 2000s. He attended Orewa Primary school until 2004, moving to the Bay of Islands in 2005 to begin education at the school where he and Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson would meet in 2007.

Coles, Anderson and Sirocco

Daniel Anderson began attending the same school as Coles in February 2007. The two met in their art class the next month, kicking off an instant friendship. The two are good friends and have essentially remained that way through the years.

Anderson's plans for Sirocco were revealed in September 2010, to which Coles showed great interest. After much planning and preparation, Coles was offered the position of Minister of Transport on 11 October 2010, to which he accepted.

Despite rigorous planning, Coles and Anderson were the only people present at the foundation. For this, Coles was awarded the Order of the Window.

Personal life

Coles lives in the Bay of Islands with his sister and grandmother. He and his sister are orphans, having lost their parents in the late 1990s-early 2000s. He enjoys playing the guitar, spending time with friends and watching anime after being introduced to it by Minister of Culture Elizabeth Pountney, much to Anderson's dismay. He is a practicing Jehovah's Witness. He, like Anderson, supports Microsoft over Apple.

Siroccan politics

Coles began his term as Siroccan Vice-Premier on 4 November 2010. Under the Siroccan Constitution he may be installed as caretaker Premier if the incumbent Premier is unable to lead the nation, be it temporarily or permanently.

His term as Minister of Transport began on 5 November 2010 and ended when the ministry was dissolved on 18 February 2012. Since this time he has held the offices of Minister of the Commonwealth and Representative for Jellicoe province in the Siroccan Executive.

Preceded by: Vice-Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Succeded by:
Office established 4 November 2010 - present Incumbent