Otanaki National Exposition of Sirocco

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Otanaki National Exposition of Sirocco

Exposition logo
Theme: A Celebration of Sirocco
Status Concluded
Date 11-13 December 2011
Site Otanaki, Halvorson, Sirocco
Notable events Elevation of the Halvorson Territory to Provincial status

The Otanaki National Exposition of Sirocco was a national exposition that took place in the Siroccan city of Otanaki, Halvorson from 11–13 December 2011. The theme of the Exposition was "A Celebration of Sirocco", chosen as the event was held five weeks after the first anniversary of Sirocco's founding and two weeks before the first anniversary of the annexation of the Halvorson Territory, which was elevated for Provincial status on 12 December. Although poor weather prevented many of the hoped-for events taking place and almost ended the Exposition after just five hours, the event was considered a great success.

The Exposition is thought to be one of the largest micronational expositions ever held, with over 130 attendees partaking in the three-day event.


Following the end of the 2011 academic year in New Zealand, Daniel Anderson and several of his friends began organising a three-day party to farewell each other before leaving for tertiary education. Several venues were discarded for a variety of reasons before it was decided that an area nextdoor to the Halvorson city of Otanaki should host the party. After some deliberation it was decided to take advantage of the occasion and prepare a national celebration and "showing-off" of Sirocco and its territory.


Siroccan politicians Daniel Anderson, Elizabeth Pountney, John President and Jemima Rider were among the 130+ people who attended the event. Livia Aïrosser, Andrea Carrols, Jesse Coles, Chanelle Gibson and Buddy Wright were not able to attend for various reasons. Former citizen Annabelle Morgan also attended, however this was not for the micronational aspect of the event.