Vice-Premier of Sirocco

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Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Vice-Premier of Sirocco
Jesse Coles

Formation 4 November 2010

Term length Indefinite

Appointed by Premier of Sirocco

Inaugural holder Jesse Coles

The Vice-Premier of Sirocco is the deputy head of state and government of Sirocco and is responsible for maintaining the state when the Premier is away or ill. In the event of the Premier's inability to continue in office, the Vice-Premier is sworn in as the new national Premier. Sirocco's current Vice-Premier is Jesse Coles, who is also the first to hold the office.

List of Vice-Premiers

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 Jesse Coles
(18 April 1994 – present)
Federal 4 November 2010 Incumbent