2013 Micronational Games

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2013 Micronational Games
Host Sirocco
MottoBrotherhood and fraternity
Nations participating11
Athletes participating16
Opening Ceremony7 February
Closing Ceremony17 March
Officially opened byPremier Daniel Anderson
Preceded by Secundomia 2010
Succeeded by2016
VenueAlston Domain
Douglas Green
Rathlyn Stadium

The Sirocco 2013 Micronational Games, officially the VII Micronational Games and formerly known as the 2013 Intermicronational Olympic Games, is an intermicronational sporting event currently being held in Sirocco from 7 February to 17 March 2013. It is be the seventh micronational games to be held. While initially scheduled for November–December 2012, delays saw the Siroccan government postpone the Games to reactivate interest on 19 December that year.[1] The dates for the Games were finally confirmed by the Siroccan government on 28 January 2013,[2][3] although the closing ceremony was moved to March 17 to allow for more participants and events on February 6.

There are fifteen athletes representing the eleven nations competing in the Games' twenty events. The Games are based in the cities of Alston (7-19 February), Havilland (20-23 February) and Rathlyn (24 February-17 March).


Bidding for the then-2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games opened on 5 August 2012 with the Siroccan bid and closed on 24 August 2012. Four micronations confirmed their bids — Sirocco, Hamlinia, Caladonia and Juclandia.


  • Sirocco: Sirocco confirmed its bid for the 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games on 5 August 2012.[4]
  • Hamlinian Republic: The Hamlinian Sports Association announced on 7 August that it was considering bidding for the 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games,[5] with the bid being confirmed on 8 August.[6] In a statement on August 14, Hamlinian Sports Association chairman Casey Hamlin announced that the Hamlinian bid had been withdrawn and that the Association gave its support to the Siroccan bid.[7] Hamlinia re-entered the bidding process on August 20.[8]
  • Caladonia: Caladonia announced its bid on the MicroWiki Forums on 15 August 2012 with the publishing of their bid logo.[9]
  • Juclandia: The Government of Juclandia discussed at one of its meetings the possibility of Juclandia to put forward a bid for the 2012 Intermicronational Olympics. An hour before bidding officially closed, the Juclandian Government decided to proceed with the bid.


  • Kinsovea: Kinsovea nominated Oreo City to be the host city for the 2012 Intermicronational Games on 14 August 2012[10] before withdrawing its bid on August 17.[11]
  • Danland: Danland put forward its bid for the 2012 Intermicronational Olympic Games on 16 August 2012 to compete with the Siroccan bid.[12] Its bid was cancelled by the Intermicronational Olympic Committee on August 18 after its leader vandalised part of the MicroWiki site.

Final selection

Voting finished at 11:59pm GMT on 8 September 2012. Sirocco's victory was announced by the Sirocco Times at 3:12am GMT (3:12pm Sirocco time) on 9 September.[13]

2012 Intermicronational Olympics bidding results
Bidding micronation Votes
 Sirocco 4
Caladonia 2
Hamlinian Republic 2
Juclandia 1
Total 9

Bid logo gallery


Confirmed participants

The following nations are attending the 2013 Micronational Games:

Australasia Europe North America Micras
Saint Luke and Amager


Nation Athletes
Craitland Craitman H. Pellegrino (checkers)
 Molossia Kevin Baugh (athletics)
Prsänëa James Wilary (50m walk, 50m run, 100m walk, 100m run, 300m walk, 300m run, checkers, chess)
Renasia Kuri Kabanov (chess)
Rukora Tom Turner (50m walk, 50m run, 100m walk, 100m run, 8 km walk, train dash)
Saint Luke and Amager Edward Jacobs (chess)
Leon Simpson (chess)
Sebastian Schriber (chess)
 Sirocco Daniel Anderson (50m walk, 50m run, 100m walk, 300m walk, 8 km walk, chess, shotput)
 Überstadt Adam I (50m walk, 50m run, 100m walk, 100m run)
USLSSR Rory Krenz (EU3)
Alex Ulbricht (EU3)
 Wyvern Bradley of Dullahan (50m run, 100m run, checkers, chess, EU3, shotput)
Quentin I (50m run, 100m run, checkers, EU3, shotput)
Zealandia Håkon Lindström (train dash)
Amanda Lindstrom (swimming)

Interested participants

The following nations expressed interest in attending the 2013 Micronational Games but ultimately did not attend:

Europe North America
Union of Draegan Republics
Eran Federation

Non-participating nations


Barnaby Hands confirmed on 29 January 2013 that Senya would be boycotting the Games due to a personal disagreement with Daniel Anderson.[14] George Cruickshank of Atlantium and Ciprian I of Juclandia also confirmed on 29 January that their nations would not take part in the Games for differing reasons. President Casey Hamlin of the Oasis Islands made the executive decision to not participate on 4 February, citing prior obligations, while President David of Ultamiya confirmed on 6 February that his nation would not be participating in the Games.


Danland did not attend in the games, due to him focusing more on MicroWikia and due to the micronation participating in MicroWikia's Harmony Games held by June–July 2013. This is also due to the nation's ongoing reorganisation.


Athletics Swimming Online Computer games Miscellaneous
50m walk
50m sprint
100m walk
100m sprint
300m walk
300m sprint
8 km walk
Boomerang throw
Long jump
50m freestyle
50m backstroke
50m butterfly
50m breaststroke
Europa Universalis III
Train dash

Medal count

Rank Micronation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Zealandia 5 0 0 5
2 Sirocco 1 0 0 1
Total 6 0 0 6


The Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) is responsible for the broadcasting of the Games, and will manage the distribution of content to other micronational broadcasters.


The 2013 Micronational Games are being sponsored by Dominion Chocolate, the Institute of Scientific Research, LogoWorks Sirocco, the National Centre of Computing, National Post and Telegraph and the Sirocco Times. The Kingdom of Wyvern also offered to assist in event organisation.

International Reactions

  • King Jimmy I, the sovereign monarch of the Kingdom of Torga named the 2013 Micronational Games "a glowing representation of how far the micronational community has gone" on March 9, 2013.


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