Tom Turner

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Tom Turner
Turner at the 2011 Intermicronational Summit
1st President of Rukora
In office
September 22, 2009 - July 1st, 2011
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Joe Foxon
1st Chairman of the MUSC
In office
March 7, 2010 - January 2, 2011
Predecessor Office established
Successor Joe Foxon
As Secretary of the OAMSCA
6th Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
In office
November 7, 2010 - April 25, 2011
Predecessor Gordon Freeman
Successor Aldrich Lucas
Personal information
Born N/A
Citizenship Rukora
Nationality British
Political party Libsozil
Residence Keycod, Rukora

Tom Turner is a politician and former President of the Federal Republic of Rukora.

Within the borders of Rukora he was the former leader of the Libsozil Party and was Viceroy of the Hookwood Department in the Slinky Republyc until its dissolution. A hard-line supporter of equal rights and social freedom; he describes himself as a "Libertarian Socialist" and a "Democratic Socialist".

The founder of the Micronational Union of Sport and Culture, he served as its first and only Chairman until the union was absorbed by the OAM in January 2011. Actively involved within the Organisation of Active Micronations, he was elected its sixth Secretary-General from November 2010 to April 2011. He tenure as Secretary-General was characterised by reforms against the sudden decline in activity of the Organisation, the proposal of a micronational educational system planned in order to educate new micronations on the functioning of the micronational world, but also by a period of criticism to his leadership in the last months of his term. This eventually lead to a motion of no confidence presented by Bradley of Dullahan of Wyvern. Turner resigned on April 25, 2011, citing school work.

Political Views

Turners views are characterised through varying different terms. He has been categorised as Socialist, Left Wing and Progessive. In the past, he has been a vocal critic of Capitalism and Conservativism and states himself to be "applying alternatives" to his work and ideas. Turner also conceived the idea of TPES for Rukora whilst in its stage as the educational republic. As the same time, he has stated that no single model could satisfy the whole world, and has consequently attempted to conceive multiple potential systems that could be applied in different nations as alternatives to capitalism.

Turner is also a strong advocate of proportional electoral systems within democracy. It is his belief that what people vote for should be what people get, instead of the disproportional setting of governments being able to get in whilst the majority of people opposed them. He previously also came up with the idea of the National Multiple Vote (NMV) system in which voters will vote for five people of their choice (or a party, of which 5 individuals from that party receive a vote each) and the top n people are elected. He claims that this system works because not only do voters get to choose who goes to parliament, but it also means the people voters want are the ones that get in. Critics have claimed that NMV is food for extremism and too complicated, though Turner denies both these claims.

Preceded by: President of Rukora Succeded by:
Position Established September 22, 2009 - July 1, 2011 Joe Foxon