Joe Foxon

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Joe Foxon
Vice Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations
Assumed office:
March 19, 2011
Preceded by: Ciprian
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Member of the Rukoran Parliament
Assumed office:
January 2011
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: -
Personal information
Date of Birth: 31 March 1994 (1994-03-31) (age 30)
Macronationality: British
Micronationality Rukora

Joe Foxon (born 31 March 1994) is a politician, and Vice Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations. He previously held the offices of King of Barrington and also of Stigistan.


Joe Foxon was born on 31st March 1994 in Hull, England. At the age of seven, Foxon created his first micronation, called Hockeyland, which claimed an Air Hockey table as its territory. The nation disbanded after two days.

Founding of Stigistan

Foxon founded Stigistan on 17th October 2008 whilst in a Physics lesson. He recruited citizens for his new nation, but a week later, Daniel Blackburn rebelled against his leadership and decided to form Danburnia. After Danburnia came many copycat formations, including Tozland, Lesbo's Land and the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield.

Grand Unified Micronational

During Foxon's reign as leader of Stigistan he founded Countries United in National Trade, an organisation that sought to strengthen diplomatic ties with other micronations. Eventually, this merged with the Hontui Islands in Peace to create the Grand Unified Micronational. In the youth of the orgainsation, he served on the Advancement Council. In 2009, Stigistan was renamed Barrington, with Foxon remaining as the Head of State. He was to become one of the most controversial leaders in the MicroWiki community after he was accused of 'illegally interfering with the internal affairs of the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield'. He was found guilty in the GUM trial, although to this day still maintains his innocence.

Organisation of Active Micronations

After the trial, Barrington joined the Organisation of Active Micronations, where Foxon was one of the most critical people of the workings of the GUM. He claimed for several weeks that he had suffered from a corrupt trial and that Robert Lethler plotted against him because he did not believe in Communism. Eventually, Foxon gave up on his appeals and focused on becoming a strong member of the OAM.

Republic of Wyke

Foxon put in a lot of work in order to allow the merge of Barrington and the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield to go through, and was elected as an MWP in the first election in the new Republic of Wyke. He resigned on August 25, 2010 after the Dictatorgate Scandal.

Second Dictatorgate Scandal

After the January 2011 Elections, Foxon proposed a Motion of No Confidence against President Lawson, which passed with a majority of 2 votes. Foxon handed the motion to Lawson for him to sign, at which point a lengthy, secret discussion took place between Lawson and his advisors. After more than half an hour, Lawson returned with the motion, passed it back to Foxon and said "My advisors and I have decided, you can stick this motion up your arse." This was the beginning of a constitutional crisis in Wyke, which ultimately resulted in Foxon resigning for a second time. After this decision, Lawson decided to open negotiations with Foxon, but after three days, Foxon decided instead to join Rukora. Lawson resigned as president and offered Foxon all his original positions, but this only happened an hour after he had joined Rukora.


Foxon became a member of the Rukoran Capitalist Party and stood for election immediately, winning his Mercury seat easily.

Preceded by: King of Stigistan Succeded by:
Office Created 17 Oct 2008 - 9 Aug 2009
25 Aug 2010 - 05 Oct 2010
Office Dissolved
Preceded by: King of Barrington Succeded by:
Office Created 9 Aug 2009 - 22 Jun 2010 Office Dissolved
Preceded by: Capitalist Party Leader Succeded by:
Office Created 27 Jun 2010 - 25 Aug 2010
05 Oct 2010 - 21 Jan 2011
Office Dissolved
Preceded by: Member of the Rukoran Parliament Succeded by:
Office Created Jan 2011 - Incumbent
Preceded by: Vice Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations Succeded by:
Ciprian 17 Mar 2011 - Incumbent