Countries United in National Trade

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Countries United in National Trade (CUNT) was an intermicronational organization that allowed micronations to interact and strengthen relationships with each other. CUNT promoted peaceful relations between micronations and for the representatives of micronations to express the people's opinions. In January 2009 CUNT merged with the Grand Unified Micronational organization.

CUNT logo.png


  1. A micronation must have 25 citizens or have been active for one month.
  2. The applicant must not have a communist government or similar.
  3. The applicant micronation must be recognised by at least one other CUNT nation.
  4. No CUNTs can participate in wars.


(Applications must be posted on the talk page of this article.)

Name Date of application

Member Micronations

Name Date of application Date of membership
Stigistan - October 18, 2008
Scientopia - November 29, 2008
Republic of Petorio November 29, 2008 November 29, 2008
Federal Republic of St.Charlie January 6, 2009 January 6, 2009
Tozland - January 17, 2009

Former CUNT Nations

Name Date of withdrawal
The Land of Toz Boz November 28, 2008
Danburnia November 29, 2008
Jonnyland November 29, 2008