Countries United in National Trade

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Countries United in National Trade
Merged intomerged
SuccessorGrand Unified Micronational
Formation18 October 2008
FounderJoe Foxon
Dissolved16 May 2009 [note 1]
TypeIntermicronational organisation
Membership (2009)
Official language
SecessionsHontui Islands in Peace

Countries United in National Trade (CUNT) was an intermicronational organization that is best known for being the main predecessor organization to the Grand Unified Micronational. It was active between October 2008, when it was founded by Stigistan, and January 2009, when its members became some of the founding members of the GUM.

Little is known about the organization, due to the fact that it existed during the early history of MicroWiki. It is known that several early member states, most notably Danburnia, left the organization in November 2008 due to an unspecified dispute with founders Stigistan. They formed the Hontui Islands in Peace (HIP), a breakaway organization. Shortly after their departure, Scientopia and Petorio, two nations which would go on to be highly influential in MicroWiki's history, joined the organization.

It advertised itself as having "allowed micronations to interact and strengthen relationships with each other". CUNT promoted "peaceful relations between micronations and for the representatives of micronations to express the people's opinions."

In early January 2009, Jacob Tierney of Scientopia proposed a merger of the organization with the HIP, aiming to unite the main MicroWiki nations of the time under one banner, and founded the Grand Unified Micronational on 5 January 2009. Around the same time, the newly-established Federal Republic of St.Charlie opted to choose the CUNT over the HIP. Tozland became the final nation to join the CUNT on 17 January. After this, the organization became inactive and was rapidly absorbed into the growing GUM. The only reference to it on the GUM's MicroWiki article was deleted by Robert Lethler on 16 May 2009, and the organization has been defunct since this date. All of its member states have since dissolved or become defunct.

Besides its role in the GUM's early history, the organization has earned some notoriety in the MicroWiki Community for its intentionally profane acronym.


When it was active, the organization had the following membership criteria:

  1. A micronation must have 25 citizens or have been active for one month.
  2. The applicant must not have a communist government or similar.
  3. The applicant micronation must be recognized by at least one other CUNT nation.
  4. No CUNTs can participate in wars.

Member states

Name Date of application Date of membership
Stigistan - October 18, 2008
Scientopia - November 29, 2008
Republic of Petorio November 29, 2008 November 29, 2008
Federal Republic of St.Charlie January 6, 2009 January 6, 2009
Tozland - January 17, 2009

Former member states

Name Date of withdrawal
The Land of Toz Boz November 28, 2008
Danburnia November 29, 2008
Jonnyland November 29, 2008


  1. Date of final reference to the organisation.