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Coat of arms
Motto: Peace for all
Anthem: N/A

North-west archipelago of the Hontui Islands
and largest city
New Blackburn
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
• President
Daniel Blackburn
• Vice President
Thomas Murtagh-Nelson
• Head of the Army
Gen. Tom Millington
LegislatureNo Legislature
EstablishmentNovember 8, 2008
CurrencyDan and Burns
Time zoneUTC±0

Danburnia was a virtually-territorial micronation located in the fictional archipelago of the Hontui Islands in the northern sector of the Pacific Ocean. Officially established as a Monarchy with its founder, Daniel Blackburn, as king, it then adopted an elected and more democratic form of government, with Blackburn as head of state, Tom Murtagh-Nelson as vice president and Joe Chapman as Governor of the island, the latter being considered a ceremonial title.

Danburnia was, throughout its existence, one of the most notable micronations of the Hontui sector and is considered by many as one of the first "Hontui micronations" who helped establishing the MicroWiki Community, together with the also now-defunct Stigistan, Tozland and Murrayfield, which at the time was an Imperial Republic. The Danburnian Article, the official newspaper of the Government of Danburnia was one of the most read pamphlets in the community in 2008 and 2009. Its last edition is from May 25, 2009.

In mid-2009, Blackburn declared on the Article that the nation would have resurrected again, but it later fell into inactivity and was annexed by the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield. Danburnia and Murrayfield merged with Barrington in June 2010 to form the Republic of Wyke.


Danburnia was founded by Daniel Blackburn on November 8, 2008. The next day, the President went around gathering citizens for the new country. There are many rules and initiation interviews to become a Danburnian citizen because the president wants a safe and happy country. At the time of dissolution, Danburnia had 15 citizens.


When it was founded, Danburnia was a Monarchy, with Daniel Blackburn as King. In January 2009, the nation switched to a Democratic Republic, with elections scheduled every twelve months. The first election took place in January 2009, with Blackburn winning, to become Danburnia's first, and only, President.

Judicial system

Danburnia had aset of written laws, which it called the Danburnian Commandments. These consisted of mainly macronational common laws, although it did create some of its own. The original draft of Commandments had a religious tone, although they were changed after outside pressure.

Danburnian Commandments

The Commandments were given to every new citizen in the form of a handbook, with full descriptions of each law and its meanings.

  • Thou shalt not drink alcohol.
  • Thou shalt not smoke nor chew tobacco.
  • Thou shalt not take drugs unless medicinal.
  • Thou shalt not commit adultery.
  • Thou shalt honour thy elders.
  • Thou shalt not murder.
  • Thou shalt not commit euthanasia in any form.
  • All will respect other religious beliefs.
  • Thou shalt keep the peace.
  • Thou hast the right to protect one's property.
  • Thou shalt not steal.
  • Thou shalt honour one another, regardless of differences.

The Commandments contributed in the formation of diplomatic ties between Danburnia and Scientopia, now known as Renasia.


From its creation Danburnia claimed to be located on small island in the North Pacific Ocean, along with the other Hontui Islands. Danburnia's land composition was of grasslands and hills. As the island was a fictional setting, Blackburn was able to create policies designed to preserve its "natural state". All buildings were said to be made from renewable products (trees), and cycles were the only accepted form of transportation. This was because of the carbon emissions that other methods of transportation normally give off.


Danburnia had its own currency, known as the Dan and Burns. Dan was symbolised by 'D' and burns by 'b'. One Dan was equivalent to 100 Burns and to five Sterling pounds, while one Burn was equal to 5 pence.



The Danburnian flag was designed by the President. The green indicated the colour of land, the blue represented the colour of the sea, and the yellow was used to indicate the sun.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms, together with the flag was designed by the President as well. It is made up of the Danburnian flag, featured in the middle, the Danburnian motto Peace for all and two arms forming the peace symbol, one on each side of the flag. One is white and one is black, made to represent the peace between ethnicities. The animal on top of the flag is a seagull, which was the national animal of Danburnia.


Danburnia, like all other Hontui nations, gave a high priority to sports. The national sport of Danburnia was table tennis. Matches were held every Tuesday morning at Kelvin Hall School.

Danburnia also participated in the Hontui Premier League, the intermicronational football federation of the Hontui Islands. Danburnia participated together with Tozland, and Stigistan. The first season was played but Danburnia pulled out of the legue after the team was unable to commit.

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
12 April Daniel's Day To celebrate the birth of Daniel Blackburn.
31 May Alliance Day To celebrate the allies of Danburnia.
8 November Founder's Day To celebrate the founding of Danburnia.
10 November Presidents Day To celebrate the first president under the Monarchy, Tom Murtagh-Nelson
14 November Citizens Day To celebrate the first citizen of Danburnia, Tom Murtagh-Nelson
17 November Independence Day To celebrate the independence of Danburnia from Stigistan.