Wyke Dictatorgate Scandal

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The Dictatorgate Scandal was an event that took place between August 23 and August 25, 2010, culminating in Joe Foxon terminating his citizenship in the Republic of Wyke and reforming Stigistan. It began on August 24, 2010 when Joe Foxon accidentally saw a conversation on Facebook between President Ben Lawson and General Daniel Phillips, where they discussed the idea of staging a military takeover within the Republic and then handing out state punishments to members of government, including Foxon.


Since the merge of Barrington and the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield, Foxon had noted increased opposition the government of the Republic of Wyke. During the 2010 elections, Jason Young allegedly influenced the decision of 'at least one voter', and act which constituted as electoral fraud. During his trial, Ben Lawson was accused of contempt of court and found guilty, leading to him being suspended as President for a period of 45 days. This decision was overturned the following day after an appeal.

Suspension of Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson was accused of contempt of court during the trial of Jason Young and was found guilty by Judge Daniel Phillips. Phillips suspended Lawson from government for 45 days. Lawson claimed that this decision was made because Phillips thought he could take control of the nation if the President was 'out of the way'. The suspension was overturned the following day on appeal.

Facebook conversation

On August 24, Lawson and Phillips discussed the possibility of staging a military coup, in which all government members would be arrested and a military dicatorship installed with as de facto leader of Wyke. Phillips suggested to Lawson that state punishments be given to arrested Members, an idea Lawson seemed to agree with. Later that day, when Lawson was preparing his appeal, Foxon accidentally saw the conversation window but did not inform Lawson that he had seen it.

Joe Foxon's resignation

On August 25, Joe Foxon made a statement to the Barrington Times saying that he was resigning from the Liberal Party and the Parliament and terminating his citizenship.

Over the past few days, I have noticed increased aggression and hostility towards the government of this nation. It seems likely that a rebellion is coming, and that the rebels will win. I do not want to be a part of this.

Yesterday, I saw the log of a conversation between President Ben Lawson and General Daniel Phillips, where they discussed the idea of overthrowing the government and installing a military dictatorship. At one point, Ben said to Daniel ‘We can’t let Joe find out about this or he’ll kill me’. They then went on to suggest that state punishments be given to certain citizens and government members, including myself. It is regrettable that I have to disclose the details of a private conversation, but the safety of the people is at risk, and I feel that this action is necessary.

In light of this information, I have no other option but to resign as Liberal Party Leader, as a member of the Wyke Parliament and as a member of the Cabinet. I have also taken the decision to terminate my citizenship in the Republic of Wyke. I will inform other citizens, whom I believe to be in danger, that I think they should take the sensible action and leave the nation.

— Joe Foxon's resignation statement

Stigistan reformation

Ben Lawson allowed Foxon to leave his government post without complaint, although he claimed that the conversation was only to 'humour Phillips' dictatorial streak'. When Foxon announced he was pulling out of the merger agreement to reform Stigistan, Lawson claimed this to be illegal and refused to recognise the new nation's claims.

Stigistan was accepted into the OAM by unanimous vote, and gained recognition from its members. Stigistan remained in existence for approximately two months, before Foxon and Lawson came to a deal, merging the two nations once again.


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