Ben Lawson

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Ben Lawson
Name: Ben Lawson
Nationality: Republican
Office: Leader of the Wyke Social Democrat Party
President of the Republic of Wyke
Term Start: 5 October 2010
22 June 2010
Date of Birth: 22 December 1993 (1993-12-22) (age 30)
Residence: Murrayfield, Wyke

Ben Lawson (born 22 December 1993) is the President of the Republic of Wyke and leader of the Wyke Social Democrat Party. He previously held the offices of Premier of the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield.


Ben Lawson was born on 22 December 1993 in Beverley, England.

Micronational career


Lawson became a citizen the newly-formed Kingdom of Stigistan on 17 October 2008, after being asked by Joe Foxon to join. He was appointed the office of President, and later became Vice President. He resigned, days before the scheduled 2009 Stigistan Elections, and formed the Imperial Republic of Murrayfield.

Murrayfield and Wyke

In January 2009, the Imperial Republic of Murrayfield was formed, with Lawson taking the post of Emperor. Joe Foxon originally refused to recognise Murrayfield's claims, believing that Lawson's resignation was illegal. In May 2009, Lawson staged a Revolution, turning Murrayfield into a Socialist Republic. In June 2009, he asked the inactive Danburnia to merge with Murrayfield and Daniel Blackburn agreed to the request. From September 2009, Joe Foxon attempted to merge Barrington with Murrayfield to form the Kingdom of Wyke, which would be ruled jointly by Lawson and Foxon. He held a referendum on the merge, which originally passed, but was declared illegal because of 'vote rigging and fraud'. It took until June 2010 for the merge to be suggested again, which passed the referendum and formed the Republic of Wyke. Lawson became President of the new nation, leading it up to the election. He formed the Social Democrat Party, which won the July 2010 Election with a majority of one seat.

Preceded by: Premier of the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield Succeded by:
Office Created 18 January 2009 - 22 June 2010 Office Dissolved
Preceded by: President of the Republic of Wyke Succeded by:
Office Created 22 June 2010 - Incumbent
Preceded by: Social Democrat Party Leader Succeded by:
Office Created 27 Jun 2010 - Incumbent


Ben Lawson


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