Wykist general election, July 2010

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July 2010 Wyke General Election
All 6 seats to the Wyke National Assembly
July 10th - 12th 2010
Turnout 65%
Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Ben Lawson Joe Foxon Daniel Blackburn
Party Social Democrats Liberal Independent
Leader since June 23 2010 June 27 2010 -
Leader's seat Murrayfield North Mercury East and Tow Law N/A
Last election - - -
Electoral vote 0 0 0
States carried 0 0 0
Seats won 4 2 0
Seat change +4 +2 0
Popular vote 8 4 1
Percentage 61.5% 30.8% 7.7%
Swing - - -
Colours denote the winning party.

Incumbent President

Ben Lawson
Social Democrats

The July 2010 Wyke General Election was the first election to take place in the Republic of Wyke. Only two parties stood in the election, the Social Democrats and the Liberals. As well as the two parties, there was be one Independent candidate, Daniel Blackburn, who stood for election in Barrington West. A Social Democrat government was elected and will lead the nation until January 2011, unless an election is called before then.

Voting System

The election used a First Past the Post system, with each of six constituencies electing one candidate. Parties which do not have members in a particular area may stand there with no candidate, with the party leader taking the extra seat if they win.


Projected Result
Political Party Local Election Seats Popular Vote (%)
Wyke Social Democrat Party 3 72%
Wyke Liberal Party 3 24%
Independent 0 4%
Projected Result
Political Party Local Election Seats % seats
Wyke Social Democrat Party 4 66%
Wyke Liberal Party 2 33%
Independent 0 0%


The Electoral Commission investigated complaints over possible vote-rigging by one of the Social Democrat members, Jason Young. Young was reported to have been filling in other people's ballots, although this has not been confirmed. He was brought to trial by the Electoral Commission and found guilty of electoral fraud.