Wyke Social Democrat Party

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Wyke Social Democrat Party
Party nameWyke Social Democrat Party
MicronationRepublic of Wyke
LeaderBen Lawson
Established24th June 2010
Political positionCentre Centre left
AnthemTo be decided

The Social Democrats are the ruling party in the Republic of Wyke. The party won a majority of 1 seat in the July 2010 Wyke General Election. The party has been the centre of controversy after the 2010 election after one of its members was found guilty of electoral fraud.


The party has 5 members, 3 of which are elected MPs, with the party's fourth seat being left vacant.

2010 election

The Social Democrats won 4 seats in the July 2010 elections, giving them an overall majority of 1.


After the July 2010 elections, an investigation was opened, looking into possible vote rigging by a member of the Social Democrat Party, Jason Young. He was found guilty of electoral fraud and banned from participating in party politics for six months. The trial also brought about the suspension of Ben Lawson for contempt of court, although this was overturned on appeal.

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Ben Lawson


Social Democrat Party
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