High Kingdom of Draega

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The High Draegan Kingdom
Coat of arms
Motto: Love and Loyalty, from the Lease of Liberty
Adöran ånt Löjalten, vråm dess Freigen åf Libertej

Cambridgeshire - Great Britain., Antarctic Peninsula - North West Antarctic., North America
CapitalDrakenport (de facto)
Largest cityDrakenport
Official languagesDraegan, British English
Demonym(s)Draegan, Drake,
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Storkan (High King)
LegislatureThe Pritönskahal/Praetorian Hall
Establishment15 January 2010 (as Dictatorship of Dorzhabad)
1 January 2012 (as UDR)
Q1 2013 (As Kingdom)
• Census
1 (May 2013)
CurrencyDraega-Krun (DK) (Draegan Crowns)
Time zoneUTC +0

The Draegan Realm or The High Kingdom, officially known as the The High Kingdom of Draega or the more literal name: 'The High King's domain of the Draegans', is a transcontinental nation located in western Europe, the Antarctic Peninsula and Northern Canada. It is a Hierachy or Monarchy composed of territories that all commonly speak Draegan (A Scandinavian Inspired Constructed Language). It is bordered by three Larger neighboring nations, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America and the Dominion of Canada. It was partly preceded by the autonomy of the two main states of Draegan Culture, Dorzhabad and Bissantria which united into the UDR afterwards.

Following internal discussion between its citizens, the Union had ceased to exist by June 2012 after private declarations of its founder, Daniel Morris, with its website also being taken offline. However, as of September 2012, the UDR has returned to a state of activity, with the founder and leader claiming so in private conversations. These new claims, however, are debated by some external observers who have claimed that Morris is "contradicting himself by saying the UDR still exists in its old form". However in recent weeks, The UDR's Successor became apparent as the High Kingdom became more active on the Microwiki page and the forum, The Kingdom now enjoys a relaxed state of Status quo of recognition of activity with its neighbors


The formal unification of Draegan Speaking States into a politically and administratively integrated nation-state officially occurred on 1 January 2012 at the Praetorian Hall. Representatives of the 5 Draegan states gathered there to proclaim a singular government in the form quite similar to the United States of America, and micronationally like the Nemkhav Federation. Unofficially, the transition of most of the Draegan-speaking populations into a federated organization of states occurred over nearly a month of experimentation. The initial separation of Dorzhabad's administrative sections began with the Independence of Bissantria, where it adopted a 6 day term of experimentation with the Bissantrian SSR, a Soviet Socialist Republic, the first communist regime to become affiliated with Dorzhabad in close quarters. On 27 December 2011, the symbols and flag of the Draegan Republics were decided, the varied republic badges and flags were designed by Dorzhabad's Prime Minister, Daniel Morris. However in Early 2013, the citizenship of the UDR hit an all-time low. Leaving The President as the sole official. Noticing that the Activity of the Union was placed entirely on The President's shoulders, forming into a government that gave the best and most effective single body control over its territory seemed the most prominent option. The Idea of a Kingdom was relevant at this stage, after taking council will close allies and foreign advisors, the High Kingdom was born. The name 'Draega' was invented to best harness the new individuality of this new united state as a single sovereign nation.


The Late UDR's government released a statement earlier in July 2012 on the current percieved culture demographic in the Union:

"The UDR is a proud, multicultural nation, our borders are set on 3 continents, with a host of different lands bearing witness and singing in different tongues and standing as different colours. Although the UDR strives to make itself efficient in displaying our national pride and patriotism, we feel that only from the influx of multiculture, can we truly build up a unique standing in the world" - July 2012

Foreign affairs

The Union of Draegan Republics was an Austenasian Protectorate until 31 May - the Austenasian Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence represented the UDR internationally and were responsible for its foreign affairs and defence, respectively. As a Kingdom, The High King oversees all international relationships as supreme ambassador to the world on behalf of the Realm.

Diplomatic relations

The Draegan Realm engages in some manner of formal mutual recognition with the following micronations:

Informal relations

The Union maintains informal friendly relations with the following nations:

Intermicronational organisations

The Union is a member of the following international organisations:

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