Ministry of Defence (Austenasia)

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Ministry of Defence
Established 23 May 2009
Headquarters Palasia
Minister of Defence Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford

The Austenasian Ministry of Defence is the government body responsible for the defence of the Empire of Austenasia.

The Minstry of Defence has the duty of defending Austenasia, its people and government. Its main functions are the administration of the Austenasian Armed Forces, formulation of the Empire's defence policy, and procurement of equipment to be used by soldiers. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for any rocket launches or attempts at space exploration by the Empire, and also for defending Orly, Wildflower Meadows and Dominel - protected states of the Empire - should the governments of those states request military aid.

The Ministry of Defence was founded by Act 80 of the Austenasian Parliament on 23 May 2009 after being proposed by Lord William.

The Ministry of Defence is run by the Minister of Defence. Since 5 June 2020, this office has been held by Lord John Gordon.