Austenasian Territory

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Corinium Terentium, the second-largest Territory in Austenasia

An Austenasian Territory is a type of division of the Empire of Austenasia, locally administered by a Governor. In accordance with the Empire of Austenasia Act 2013, "Territories are uninhabited territories which are... fully incorporated into Austenasia." As with Towns, Territories are on the lowest tier of a mainly ceremonial hierarchy of administrative divisions, comprised of Provinces, Duchies and Regions. Unlike Towns, however, Territories have no permanent residents, and are therefore not represented in Parliament.

There is no rule as to how Territories must be governed, but out of twelve, eleven have had Governors appointed to them by Parliament. The only Territory currently without a Governor is Glencrannog, as the Austenasian government is in contact with nobody living near enough the land to be suitable. According to the Acts of Parliament by which they were appointed, Governors "hold responsibility for the maintenance and enforcing of Austenasian law" within their respective Territory.

Emperorsland existed as a Territory with an appointed Governor until it transitioned into the Town of Lichtenstein on 13 April 2014, and Amerdansk was likewise a Territory before expanding into a Town on 6 August 2018. Bregusland was also a Territory before expanding and becoming a Crown Dependency on 6 March 2020.

At present, there are thirteen Territories: Glencrannog, Corinium Terentium, Iostan na Beithe, Glencoe, Aurora, Hoagland, Green Gate, Laranda, Campo Del Sol, Oberfalcer, Seleucia ad Cilicia, Fraternitas and Peach Ponds. Glancrannog, Iostan na Beithe, and Glencoe are all enclaves of Scotland.