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Crown Dependency of Austenasia
Kingeston in snow.
Kingeston in snow.
Flag of Kingeston
Glory for Austenasia
Established5 December 2018
 • Governing CommissionerVacant
 • Total0.011 km2 (0.0041860 sq mi)
 • Total0

Kingeston is a Crown Dependency of the Empire of Austenasia situated in North America, bordering Canada and consisting of uninhabited parkland, annexed on 5 December 2018. It was claimed for the Empire by the now Ashley Jaax, who was appointed its Governing Commissioner upon its annexation.

On 11 May 2020, Kingeston expanded into a Town with the annexation of a nearby residential property inhabited by Jaax and one other. Jaax served as its Representative, but resigned from frontline politics in August the following year. The residential claim of Kingeston was then ceded back to Canada on 24 August 2021, and the town was transitioned back into a Crown Dependency. Jaax remained in office as Governing Commissioner until being honourably dismissed as such on 21 January 2024 upon the dissolution of Valens; the position of Governing Commissioner has since remained vacant.