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—  Town of Austenasia  —
The larger, uninhabited area of Kingeston in snow.

Motto: Glory for Austenasia
Established 5 December 2018 (as Crown Dependency)
11 May 2020 (as Town)
 - Representative Lord Austin Jaax, Baron of Kingeston
 - Total 1.085e-2 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 2

Kingeston is a Town of the Empire of Austenasia situated in North America, consisting of two non-contiguous land claims. One area is comprised of uninhabited parkland, whereas the other consists of a section of a residential property. Kingeston was initially annexed on 5 December 2018 as a Crown Dependency consisting only of the parkland, but was expanded into a Town on 11 May 2020 with the annexation of the populated residential claim. It has been administered since its founding by Lord Austin Jaax, who served first as Governing Commissioner and, since the transition into a Town, as Representative.