Austenasian Armed Forces

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Austenasian Armed Forces
Established 11 October 2009
Country Empire of Austenasia
Service Branches AustenasianArmy.png Austenasian Army
ImperialNavy.png Imperial Navy
IAFflag.png Imperial Air Force
Previous engagements Austenasian Civil War
War of the Orlian Reunification
Current engagements None
War Council HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy
Bradley of Dullahan
Lord Magister Militum William
Marshal Sir Ash Mitchell
Master Chief Petty Officer Charles K.
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel 50

The Austenasian Armed Forces (AAF) are the national military of the Empire of Austenasia. The AAF were founded on 11 October 2009, but their main branch, the Austenasian Army, had existed before that, since 23 May 2009.

The Austenasian Armed Forces are overseen and funded by the Ministry of Defence, and directed by the War Council during wartime. The Monarch holds the position of commander-in-chief, and makes decisions regarding the organization of units and the promotion of officers in consultation with the Minister of Defence. At present, the AAF consists of the Austenasian Army, the Imperial Navy, and the Imperial Air Force (IAF). Counting only once the two soldiers serving in both the army and air force, the AAF has consisted of 50 enlisted members since early 2019.

The Imperial Navy, founded on 11 October 2009, was dissolved on 8 March 2010, but was soon suceeded by the Austenasian Imperial Marine Corps (AIMC), officially established on 15 March 2010. The AIMC were intended to be a semi-autonomous special forces unit, but recruitment did not get underway until after the war was over. After the end of the war, Emperor Esmond III announced that he wished to downsize the AAF to make Austenasia a more peaceful nation. The AIMC was disbanded on 1 July 2010, and by 1 August the Austenasian Army had downsized by more than two fifths. The Imperial Navy was later re-established on 8 March 2015.

The Imperial Air Force, founded alongside the Imperial Navy, was also dissolved in March 2010 at the start of the Austenasian Civil War, but was resurrected in September later that year as a private Zephyrian militia force separate from the AAF. This Zephyrian Air Force became an independent part of the Imperial Air Force proper when a new air force was founded in January 2012, fully merging with the IAF in April 2014.

Austenasian Army

The Austenasian Army was founded on 23 May 2009. It is led by the Magister Militum, Lord Marshal William, and is comprised of 22 enlisted soldiers. The Austenasian Army was involved in combat for the first time in the Skirmish of the Treasury, when it successfully defended the Prime Minister's Office from a group of Britons that had infiltrated the Imperial Residence with the help of the then Princess Caroline.

After the declaration of the Austenasian Civil War, the then Crown Prince Jonathan was made Minister of Defence, and managed to swell the size of the Army to 27 (if including the Emperor, who - although not enlisted in the Army - was expected to take part in any physical conflicts). After the civil war ended, the size of the Army was gradually decreased by disbanding groups of soldiers, but rose again through the formation of new units to a zenith of 46 during 2014, before decreasing back to its current number of 22 after various units were disbanded or transferred to the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy was established alongside the Imperial Air Force on 11 October 2009, but as Austenasia at this time had no coastline, rivers, or lakes, this former branch of the AAF turned out being completely useless. It was disestablished along with the IAF on 8 March 2010 with its functions transferred to the Austenasian Army, but the Monarch continued to hold the title Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy until August 2013. In April 2014, Centuria II Ondiara was founded as a naval unit, but was initially part of the Austenasian Army.

In March 2015, Legio I Virginia separated from the Austenasian Army to become the new Imperial Navy, under the command of former Dux Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy as Chief of Naval Operations. It is currently comprised of 24 enlisted personnel.

Imperial Air Force

The Imperial Air Force (IAF) was established on 11 October 2009, but apart from a few secret weapon tests the IAF never really contributed to the defence of Austenasia. The IAF was disestablished on 8 March 2010 and its functions transferred to the Austenasian Army, although the Monarch retained the ceremonial title Air Chief Marshal of the Imperial Air Force.

In September 2010, Zephyria was given permission to found its own local air force, subject to regular inspection by the central government. This was officially founded by Lord Marshal William on 19 December 2010 in response to the Fall of Wrythe.

On 28 January 2012, the Imperial Air Force was properly re-established with the passing of the Imperial Air Force Act 2012. Lord Marshal William's "Imperial Air Force" renamed itself to the "Zephyrian Air Force" in response, before merging with the IAF on 28 April 2014. The IAF currently has six enlisted servicemen, two of whom also serve as officers in the Austenasian Army. .

Previous branches

Austenasian Imperial Marine Corps

The Austenasian Imperial Marine Corps (AIMC) were founded during the Austenasian Civil War with the intention of becoming a form of semi-autonomous special forces unit. Considered the successor to the original Imperial Navy (which had been disestablished only a week before), the AIMC showed promise when founded, but soon stopped attempts at recruitment and fell into inactivity before being disbanded by Act 123 on 1 July 2010.