Prime Minister of Austenasia

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Prime Minister of the
Empire of Austenasia
Prime Minister's Office.jpg
Term length Between eight months and four years
Inaugural holder HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Formation 20 September 2008

The Prime Minister of Austenasia is the head of government of the Empire of Austenasia. The Prime Minister is elected by the subjects of Austenasia in a General Election, held no more regularly than every eight months and no less regularly than every four years, on a date specified by the Monarch. Representatives wishing to stand for election must first be made Candidates by the Monarch. The Candidate with the second-highest number of votes becomes the Deputy Prime Minister.

The founding Prime Minister of Austenasia was HIH Crown Prince Jonathan. The Crown Prince was re-elected in General Elections in January 2009 and December 2011, but was replaced with his deputy Lord Marshal William as Acting Prime Minister in January 2013 when he became Monarch. HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia was elected the incumbent Prime Minister in the Austenasian general election, 2015.

Constitutional role

Under the Constitution, the Monarch may not be Prime Minister - this law is to ensure that no person has absolute power within the Empire. Although the Monarch can become a Representative (Jonathan I is currently Representative of Wrythe), they cannot therefore make themselves a Candidate. If the Prime Minister inherits the Throne, they must either refuse it or stand down and make the Deputy Prime Minister the Acting Prime Minister. This led to the ascension of Esmond III to the Throne when Crown Prince Jonathan refused to stand down as Prime Minister after the abdication of Terry I.

The main role of the Prime Minister is to oversee the activities of the Cabinet and co-ordinate the work of its ministers, and to act as the voice and public face of the elected Austenasian government. The Prime Minister holds several other powers, including the deciding vote in the case of a tie by the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister is also one of the two choices for Regent should the Monarch be a minor or incapacitated, and (unless there is a vast majority for it in the House of Representatives) must give their consent before the Empire declares war.

Under the Austenasian Constitution of 2008, the Prime Minister was considered by far the most powerful position in Austenasia. However, since the middle of 2010 the position has been seen as being more equal in power with that of the Monarch, and since the enactment of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011, the Monarch is now considered to be more powerful. The role and powers of the Prime Minister did not significantly change (although they were more precisely defined) over 2009-11, but this subordination to the Throne is instead the result of an increased influence of the Monarch over Austenasian politics.

List of Prime Ministers

Picture Name Town Political views Term Term start Term end Notes
HRH Crown Prince Sir Jonathan Austen, RKA, DSC, PM Wrythe Moderate monarchist 1 20 Sep 2008 1 Jan 2009 Founder of Austenasia, proclaimed Prime Minister in the Declaration of Independence. Sole member of Cabinet during this period.
HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Wrythe Social liberal monarchist 2 1 Jan 2009 24 Dec 2011 Confirmed to the office of Prime Minister by democratic election. Presented Glencrannog to the Empire and oversaw the annexation of South Kilttown, adding another Representative to the Cabinet. Defended Wrythe during the Skirmish of the Treasury and personally conquered Commius Flats. Held office during the Terry I abdication crisis, and refused to inherit the Throne so as to remain Prime Minister. Held office during the Austenasian Civil War and organised the Austenasian Monarchical Referendum. Held office during the War of the Orlian Reunification. Organised the Austenasian Constitutional Referendum and held office during the enactment of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011.
JonathanMay12.jpg HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Wrythe Market socialist monarchist 3 24 Dec 2011 20 Jan 2013 Re-elected Prime Minister, but lost his Cabinet positions. Unveiled Theodorism in January 2012 as a theoretical model of ideal governance for the Empire, but made no attempt to implement it. Held office during the acquisition and loss of several protectorates, and represented the Empire at the 2012 Polination Conference. Stood down as Prime Minister upon inheriting the Throne after the abdication of Declan I.
- LMWilliam.png Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria
Zephyria Militarist 4 20 Jan 2013 19 Nov 2013 Became Acting Prime Minister upon the ascension to the Throne of Jonathan I.
2 Eri.png HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis Thanasia Centre-left 5 19 Nov 2013 4 March 2015 Elected Prime Minister in the November 2013 General Election. Lost the 2015 general election
3 HRH The Grand Duke Joseph.jpg HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia New Richmond Libertarian 6 4 March 2015 Incumbent Elected Prime Minister in the 2015 general election.