New Flat Rock

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New Flat Rock
Town of Austenasia
Established20 December 2020
 • Governing CommissionerLord Hunter Prater, Duke of Dixie
 • Total5
Time zoneUTC-5:00

New Flat Rock is an Austenasian Crown Dependency which is an enclave of the U.S. state of North Carolina, and is composed of a large residential property. New Flat Rock is currently administered by its founder, Lord Hunter Prater, who previously represented it in Parliament while it was a Town.

New Flat Rock was annexed to Austenasia on 20 December 2020 as a Town, and is home to Prater and four of his relatives. Prater was appointed Acting Representative of New Flat Rock by Parliament upon its annexation, and elected to the position proper the following month. In mid-2022, Lord Hunter began to withdraw from front-line politics, culminating in the transition of New Flat Rock from a Town into a Crown Dependency on 1 December later that year, enabling its residents to remain Austenasians as per their wishes while also allowing New Flat Rock to function autonomously from central government.