Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists

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Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists
DuxDaniel Dankovsky
Founded2 September 2017
Absolute monarchism

The Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists was an authoritarian far-right political party of the Empire of Austenasia based in Jovanovo, founded on 2 September 2017. It called for a radical change to the constitutional system of Austenasian government, and for Parliament to be replaced by an advisory council to enable the Austenasian Monarchy to become autocratic.

The party was founded by the then Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky, who released the following as its platform:

  1. Creation of stronger, maximally centralised government.
  2. Abolishing Parliament and replacing it with the autocratic leadership of Emperor Jonathan I.
  3. Establishment of a council resembling the War Council, to aid the Emperor in his leadership.
  4. Agressive expansionist policy, and putting Austenasia as the chairing nation of the GUM again.
  5. Working by all means for the creation of plebian and patrician councils, so they can take an active role in working with government.

Information on the membership of the party was never made public, with some suspecting that it consisted solely of Dankovsky himself. The party became effectively defunct after the transition of Jovanovo from a Town to a Crown Dependency on 5 March 2018, and was de jure dissolved on 25 April the following month after failing to register itself in regards to new legislation concerning political parties.