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  Crown Dependency of Austenasia  

Established 5 October 2020
 - Governing Commissioner Hegemon Thomas Marios I
 - Total 0.0138 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 0 (residential)
2 (citizens)
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Time zone UTC+2

Kaiomenia is an uninhabited Crown Dependency of the Empire of Austenasia situated near the Greek city of Agrinio. Formerly part of Ovrestlia, it was ceded to Austenasia on 5 October 2020 by the former in a show of friendship upon the two nations entering into mutual diplomatic relations. Kaiomenia is administered by Hegemon Thomas Marios I, the Ovrestlian ruler. The name of the claim is derived from the traditional Ovrestlian version of "Kakarouna", the Greek name for the site.

Kaiomenia is home to Austenasia's only officially recognised place of worship. A miniature roadside Orthodox chapel, common throughout Greece, is situated on the territory and is owned by the family of the Hegemon. The small shrine, located on the edge of the road which marks the Greco-Austenasian border, is dedicated to Saint Menas.

Kaiomenia has two citizens, who do not live on the land Crown Dependency itself. As non-residential citizens of a Crown Dependency, they owe allegiance to the Monarch and fall under the jurisdiction of the Governing Commissioner, but are not counted towards the population of Austenasia itself.