Imperial University of Austenasia

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Imperial University of Austenasia
Motto Mens Exculta
Motto in English "Cultivating minds"
Established 26 January 2022
Rector Vacant
Vice-Rector (Acting) Lord Sander Koff,
Duke of Aesti
Type National university
Location Online (Discord)

The Imperial University of Austenasia is an online educational institution established by the Empire of Austenasia in early 2022.


The idea for an Austenasian university began to be discussed in 2014, and in November of that year Jonathan I authorised the use of the "Imperial" prefix for the planned institution. However, due to a lack of qualified teachers or interested students, these plans lay dormant until late 2021, when Lord William Wilson, the newly-elected Prime Minister, led a push for its establishment in Cabinet. January 2022 saw the resignation of Lord Otto Birch as Minister for Culture and his replacing with Lord Sander Koff, the incumbent Minister, who oversaw the creation of an online venue for classes and the recruitment of teachers for different courses.

Registration for students for the first set of offered courses opened online on 26 January 2022, a date which became considered the official foundation of the University. Four classes were offered to take place in 2022, although only one went ahead, spanning fourteen weeks. The completion of this sole course was hailed as a success as the new University had met its goal of registering and teaching students to the end of a set of classes - albeit on a smaller scale than anticipated - something comparatively rare on the micronational scale.

Planning for a second academic year did not get fully underway until mid-2023. On 5 August, Emperor Jonathan I formally approved a structure of governance for the University, and recruitment for lecturers to teach new classes got underway that same month.


The University is governed by a Council of Professors. The Council hires lecturers to teach courses, and has the power to appoint lecturers to the position of Professor.

The University is formally led by the Rector, a ceremonial position responsible for representing the institution and awarding qualifications. Administrative leadership is exercised by the Vice-Rector, who chairs the Council and undertakes day-to-day executive tasks. The Rector and Vice-Rector are both elected by the Council, with the Rector being formally confirmed by the Monarch, and the Vice-Rector by the Rector.



A class on Orthodox Theology ran from 11 March - 18 June 2022. Three students took part in the class to its end (originally five, with two dropping out).

Classes had also initially been offered on Heraldry and Graphic Design, on Economics, and on Estonian History, but these did not come to fruition.


The following classes are currently being offered for late 2023, with registration having opened on 28 August:

  • Orthodox Theology
  • Heraldry and Graphic Design
  • History of the Crusades
  • Calculus for Beginners
  • Australian History
  • Urban Planning
  • Micronational History
  • Basic Financial Concepts