Campo de Jonatán

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Campo de Jonatán
—  March of Austenasia  —


Country  Empire of Austenasia
Duchy Taysha
Founded 1 August 2020
 - Margrave Lord William Wilson, Duke of Taysha
 - Total 2
Time zone UTC-6
 - Summer (DST) CT (UTC-5)

Campo de Jonatán, or in shorthand, Jonatán, is the second Austenasian March. With a population of two, it is comprised of a house and surrounding lawn and garden and is located roughly twenty miles north of Nahona, the Town with which as a March it is associated with for electoral and administrative purposes.

Inhabited by Lord William Wilson of Nahona and his father, Jonathan, the land comprising Jonatán - formerly part of the Gradonian territory of Willvian - was annexed by the Empire by a treaty of cession agreed by the Empire and the Kingdom of Gradonia. This treaty also included the cession of the territory which makes up Jackson, in accordance with the wishes of the latter's legislature. The March itself was formed the same day the treaty was enacted, through an imperial decree.

As a March, Jonatán is not administered by a Town Council but by a Margrave. This is Lord William.