Conservative Party of Austenasia

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Conservative Party
Leader Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge
Founded 13 October 2014
Membership 3 (at height)
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Right
Official colors Blue

The Conservative Party was a political party of the Empire of Austenasia. Appearing after the rise and fall of the Theodorist Party and the Social Democratic Alliance, the Conservative Party was Austenasia's third political party altogether and first political party which was right-wing.


Austenasian nobleman, politician and imperialist Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge formally established the Conservative Party on 13 October 2014 after a while of planning. Austenasia had been without political parties since 20 February of that year (when the Theodorist Party was disestablished). Lord Charles C. reckoned that the Conservative Party would bring party politics to the new, larger and more populous Austenasian realm. Sure enough, in February 2015 Lord John Gordon left the Conservative Party to establish another Austenasian political party - Palasian Left Unity. However, Lord Gordon left Palasian Left Unity to return to the Conservative Party within that month. On the 13th of the same month the then Prime Minister Countess Eritoshi of Memphis established the Green Party in the run-up to the 2015 general election. On 8 July 2015 Lord Gordon officially left the Conservative Party once again. On 12 July 2015 Party leader Lord Charles C. removed precedentism from the Party's ideology. The Conservative Party dissolved in 2016 when Lord Charles C. ceased to be an Austenasian subject. The Conservative Party had secured seats in the House of Representatives and many vital positions in Cabinet during its lifetime (eg. the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, etc., etc.) but ultimately discovered that party politics were not natural to Austenasia's political culture.


Conservatism, including Toryism, was espoused by the Conservative Party. The Party, for example, was monarchist and supported the continued rule of the Empire by the "elected nobility" (referring to the fact that as one climbs the Austenasian social ladder (eg. by being elected into the House of Representatives) more and more noble prestige is granted to oneself by the Monarch). The Conservative Party supported the development of the Austenasian economy by the promotion of trade and capitalism. The Conservative Party wanted to transform the Austenasian Armed Forces from what it saw as "a collection of militarily inactive people with meaningless ranks" into proper (as far as Austenasian resources permit) civil defence forces which perform regular military activities.

Online presence

The Conservative Party's online presence was limited to this website and Facebook. You can visit its Facebook page by clicking here.