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In the Empire of Austenasia, Counsellors of State are members of the Austenasian government, Imperial Family, or nobility, to whom the Monarch, currently Jonathan I, can delegate certain state functions and powers when he is abroad or unavailable for other reasons (such as short-term incapacity or sickness).

While the establishment of a Regency would carry with it the suspension of the Monarch from the personal discharge of the Imperial functions, when Counsellors of State are appointed, both the Monarch and the Counsellors can — the Counsellors within the limits of their delegation of authority — discharge the Imperial functions; so the Monarch can give instructions to the Counsellors of State, or even personally discharge a certain Imperial power, when the Consellors are in place. The Counsellors of State always act in the name and on behalf of the Monarch.


The office of Counsellor of State was founded in late November 2009. From then until September 2011, there had to be either five Counsellors or no Counsellors appointed, and the unanimous consent of all five Counsellors of State was needed to give Imperial Consent or to approve Candidates for Prime Minister, four to grant honours, and three to exercise the other powers of the Monarch. The Counsellors of State under this system were, therefore, a form of regency council ruling alongside the Monarch when appointed. The Counsellors of State were only appointed once under this system, between 10 December 2010 and 18 August 2011. Due to the State of Emergency which Austenasia was under between the start of that period and 6 March 2011, the consent of only three of them was sufficient to discharge any Imperial power or function during that time.

Under the Austenasian Constitution of 2011, enacted in September of that year, the system was changed so that although the maximum amount of people eligible to be appointed Counsellors remained five, the Monarch can choose how many to appoint at any given time, and can choose exactly what powers each Counsellor is authorised to exercise. With the First Amendment (2015) to the Constitution, it was made possible for a sixth Counsellor to be appointed; from March 2016, this has been the holder of the office of Lord of Muschamp Alley.


Current Counsellors of State

Those eligible to become Counsellors of State are the spouse of the Monarch, the Prime Minister, and the three highest in the Line of Succession to the Throne who are old enough to be a subject of Austenasia. If, under this criteria, there are less than five people eligible to become Counsellors of State, for example the Prime Minister is [in] the Line of Succession or the Monarch has no spouse, then the Nobles who are old enough to be a subject of Austenasia shall be added in order of precedence as Nobles to those eligible until those eligible reaches the number of five people. An extra sixth person may be made eligible by Parliament to be appointed a Counsellor of State.

— Article VI, Section F, Paragraph E of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011

Currently (since 1 June 2020), those eligible to be appointed Counsellors of State are:

List of Counsellors of State

Due to various restrictions on who could be created a Counsellor of State before 10 September 2010, there were at some points less than five Counsellors, meaning that they could not have been appointed Counsellors anyway.

This list contains the dates not of when the Counsellors of State served, but when they were eligible to serve. Those in bold are those who are currently eligible to do so.