Theodorist Party (Austenasia)

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Theodorist Party
LeaderHIM Emperor Jonathan I
Founded16 January 2012
Dissolved20 February 2014
HeadquartersWrythe, Austenasia
Membership23 at dissolution
IdeologyTheodorism, patriotism
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum
ColoursYellow and red

The Theodorist Party of Austenasia, often abbreviated to the TPA, was a political party in the Empire of Austenasia and Monovia which aimed to advance the principles and concepts of Theodorism. Its leader was HIM Emperor Jonathan I, the developer of the ideology. It was the first political party to have been formed within the Empire, and for much of its history the sole party in Austenasia. It was also the ruling and sole political party of Monovia, although after its dissolution within Austenasia its exact status in Monovia is yet to be confirmed.

The party was founded on 16 January 2012 by the then Crown Prince Jonathan after the Political Parties Act 2012 was given Imperial Consent two days earlier - it joined the Intermicronational Socialist Forum on 20 February.

On 13 April 2013 the Theodorist Party became a registered political party in Monovia, and later that day both the NSP and NMPP (both of which were Monivish parties) agreed to merge into it, with the Green Party following suit the day after, leaving the TPA as the sole political party of Monovia. A Monovish branch of the party was formally announced on 14 April.

The TPA was dissolved on 20 February 2014, with the Emperor stating that despite Austenasia's population mostly being monarchist and/or left-wing, there was not "a large degree of support within the Empire" for Theodorism, and that many of the principles which it advocates were already de facto in place.