Imperial Party

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Imperial Party
Leader HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia
Chairman Lord Vice Admiral Eren Lewis, Duke of Bernardston
Slogan "For the Empire and her people"
Founded 22 October 2016
Headquarters New Richmond
Membership  (2018) 10
Ideology Majority
 • Pro-democracy
 • Social libertarianism
 • Environmentalism
 • Monarchism
 • Romanitism

 • Social conservatism
 • Social democracy
Political position Center to center-left
Cabinet positions
4 / 7
Seats in the House of Representatives
3 / 6
City Mayors
1 / 2

The Imperial Party is a political party in the Empire of Austenasia. Originally established by Lord Admiral Eren Scott, Duke of Bernardston as a nationalist party, the Imperial Party was reformed following Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia gaining membership to effectively serve as an opposition to the Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists (also known as ORAUNA), which Lord Kennedy and other Austenasian government officials have described as fascist and "un-Austenasian". The Imperial Party is at present the most prominent political party in Austenasian politics.