Imperial Party

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Imperial Party
LeaderHIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, Duchess of New Virginia
ChairwomanLady Vice Admiral Elizabeth Lewis, Duchess of Bernardston
Founded22 October 2016
HeadquartersNew Richmond
Membership (2019)10
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Social libertarianism
Political positioncenter-left
National affiliationWhig Party (in coalition)
Slogan"For the Empire and her people"

The Imperial Party was a political party in the Empire of Austenasia. Originally established by Lady Vice Admiral Elizabeth Lewis, Duchess of Bernardston as a nationalist party, the Imperial Party was reformed following HIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, Duchess of New Virginia gaining membership to effectively serve as an opposition to the Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists (also known as ORAUNA), which Lady Hewitt and other Austenasian government officials described as fascist and "un-Austenasian". Following the decline and eventual abolition of ORAUNA, the Imperial Party secured a niche in Austenasian political culture as an organisation of democratic socialists, social libertarians and progressives. The Imperial Party became the official Government party after the passage of the Parliament Act 2019, governing in coalition with the Whig Party, but dissolved on 13 February 2020 after the secession of New Virginia.


Logo of the original Austenasian Imperial Party

The Imperial Party was established on 22 October 2016 by the then Lady Admiral Eryn Lewis, Baroness of Terentia as the Austenasian Imperial Party, or AIP. The party was established by Lewis as the effective successor to the Conservative Party of Austenasia, of which she was the sole remaining member. The AIP was noted for its advocacy of nationalism, militarism and laissez-faire economics. The AIP saw limited success, with only one seat in the House of Representatives prior to the reforms of 8 October 2017.

Following the establishment of the Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists, Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt - Prime Minister of the Empire - joined the party and worked with the then party leader Lady Admiral Lewis to reform the structure, ideology and appearance of the party. The party was renamed as simply "the Imperial Party," established a leadership structure, and professed adherence to principles such as "the preservation and promotion of democracy" in staunch contrast to the pseudo-fascist ORAUNA.

The newly-reorganised Imperial Party then began a campaign of opposition to ORAUNA, with politicians belonging to the party informing their constituents of the threat they believed ORAUNA posed to Austenasian democracy and the rights of Austenasians. This campaign culminated on 5 March 2018 with the enactment of the Jovanovo Act 2018, which was proposed by HIM Emperor Jonathan I to Parliament following a series of racist remarks made by Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky, Duke of Dalmatia - Representative of Jovanovo and leader of ORAUNA. The Act removed Dankovsky from all of his political offices within the Empire and transitioned Jovanovo from a Town to a Crown Dependency, effectively ending the influence of Dankovsky and his party within Austenasian politics.

With the enactment of the Political Parties Act 2018 by Parliament, the Imperial Party enacted its party constitution - the first of its kind in the history of Austenasian political parties. The party constitution outlined the organisational structure of the party and codified its core tenets. Following the enactment of the constitution, Lady Admiral Hewitt was appointed party leader and Lady Vice Admiral Lewis was appointed party chairwoman.

In the weeks leading up to the 2019 general election, the Imperial Party Board adopted democratic socialism as an official ideology espoused by the Imperial Party. Since then, the party has been regarded as the leading voice of the center-left in Austenasian politics. With the establishment of the National Liberal Alliance on 17 May 2019, the Imperial Party and NLA announced the formation of a coalition.


The Imperial Party is a democratic socialist organisation, and supports the establishment of government-supported economic cooperatives under the principle of workers' self-management as opposed to large corporations or private businesses. The party takes a libertarian approach in regards to social issues; for example, the Imperial Party has been responsible for the legalisation of cannabis and various psychedelic drugs within New Richmond and Terentia. The party is heavily environmentalist, expressing continued support for government organisations such as the Environmental Agency and Imperial Geographical Society. The Imperial Party is staunchly monarchist, is opposed to republicanism within the Empire and supports the Romanitist interpretation of the Imperium theory.


The administrative structure of the Imperial Party was established by the party constitution. The executive head of the party is the Party Leader, who is the spokesperson and chief executive of the party. If the Prime Minister is a party member, he serves ex officio as Party Leader - otherwise, the leader is appointed by the Imperial Party Board. The Party Chair is appointed by the Leader and serves as the presiding officer of sessions of the Imperial Party Board and annual conferences and as the Leader's deputy. The Imperial Party Board is the chief policy making organ of the party, consisting of all members of the party who serve in national-level political offices.

Annual conferences are held in the month of July and consist of all members who wish to attend. The conferences serve as a means for the party leadership to communicate the accomplishments and goals of the party to the general membership. The membership of the party assembled in an annual conference holds the sole authority to amend the party constitution and to repeal any action of the Imperial Party Board.

List of Party Leaders

Number Picture Name City or Town Took office Left office Notes
1 Lady Vice Admiral Elizabeth Lewis, Baroness of Terentia Terentia 22 October 2016 16 April 2018 Founder of the Imperial Party. Oversaw reforms to party at the behest of Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt to serve as an opposition to ORAUNA. Stepped down following the enactment of the party constitution.
2 HIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, Duchess of New Virginia New Richmond 16 April 2018 Present Assumed leadership of the party following the enactment of the party constitution.

List of Party Chairs

Number Picture Name City or Town Took office Left office Notes
1 Lady Vice Admiral Elizabeth Lewis, Duchess of Bernardston Terentia 16 April 2018 Present Founder of the Imperial Party. Previously served as Party Leader.

Current membership of the Imperial Party Board

Name Portrait Member since Notes
HIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, Duchess of New Virginia 16 April 2018 Party Leader. Currently serves as Prime Minister and Secretary-General; previously served as Representative of New Richmond.
Lady Vice Admiral Elizabeth Lewis, Duchess of Bernardston 16 April 2018 Party Chairwoman. Currently serves as Deputy Prime Minister and Chancellor. Previously served as Speaker of the House of Representatives and Representative of Terentia.
Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora 16 April 2018 Currently serves as Home Secretary and Governor of Aurora.
Lord Riley Hewitt, Baron of Augusta 12 June 2019 Served as Representative of Augusta.