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—  Territory of Austenasia  —
Established 13 April 2014
 - Governor Protopontiff Sir C. Sebastian Linden, KVJ, IKA, KPP

Glencoe is the second smallest Territory in the Empire of Austenasia at ten square foot (larger only than Glencrannog). It is an enclave of the UK Scottish council area of Highland.

Glencoe was bought online by the former Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge, and presented to the Empire to be annexed on 13 April 2014. Lord Charles was granted the honorary title Lord of Glencoe by Parliament, together with Baron of Glencoe. The Austenasian government is not currently in contact with anybody who lives near enough to the land to administer it, but James von Puchow was appointed its Governor on 7 March 2016 due to being the Austenasian official most likely to visit Glencoe in the near future. Upon von Puchow's resignation from the position on 7 January 2018, he was replaced as Governor with Sir Sebastian Linden the following day, with Linden again being likely able to visit the territory in the future.


On 13 June 2012, Lord Charles C. established what is now the Austenasian Territory of Glencoe by purchasing it as a UK estate from the same organisation that Emperor Jonathan I purchased what is now the Territory of Glencrannog from. In the same way that the now Emperor was given the title of "Laird of Glencrannog" by the organisation upon his Glencrannog purchase, Lord C. was given the title of "Lord of Glencoe" upon his purchase of what is now the Territory of Glencoe (this title was officially recognised by the Austenasian government on 13 April 2014 with the passing of the same Act of Parliament that annexed Glencoe into Austenasia).

On 24 June 2012 the Kingdom of Domanglia (a micronation which was created and governed by Lord C.) annexed Glencoe as a region. This region was known as the Domanglian Lordship of Glencoe, and Lord C. was this region's ceremonial governor as the bearer of the title of Lord of Glencoe. When Domanglia and what is now the Austenasian Town of Lichtenstein (which was then the Domanglian Duchy of Domum) became one and the same as the Over-Lorrokha Kingdom on 6 October 2012, the Lordship of Glencoe was reduced to the status of a dependent territory of this Over-Lorrokha Kingdom (Lichtenstein). The Lordship of Glencoe remained a dependent territory after the Over-Lorrokha Kingdom became the Over-Lorrokha Republic. Domanglia ceased to be synonymous with what is now Lichtenstein on 21 November 2012 when the Over-Lorrokha Republic became the Princely Union of Saint Edward and Domanglia. The Lordship of Glencoe was a constituent country of this Princely Union, as was Lichtenstein. Jonathan of Austenasia was the Sovereign Prince of the Princely Union from 21 November until 12 December 2012; his current reign as Emperor of Austenasia is therefore not the first reign he has had over Glencoe and Lichtenstein.

As a constituent country of the Princely Union, the Lordship of Glencoe had a Minister-President under the Lord of Glencoe, this Minister-President being Thomas Cassidy. However, this changed when the Princely Union transitioned into another micronation called Doshevika on 23 December 2012, the Lordship of Glencoe having been a part of this state. The Lordship of Glencoe became the Canton of Glencoe when Doshevika became a constituent country of the Confederation of Amager (itself a St.Charlian Permanent Territory) on 18 February 2013. It remained this way even after the Confederation of Amager dissolved (making Doshevika independent) on 6 April 2013, and it stayed this way after Doshevika became Saint Edward and Zealand two days later. When Saint Edward and Zealand was disestablished at 10:00pm on 27 May 2013, Glencoe once again became an estate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was Lord C.'s desire for Glencoe to become a Territory of Austenasia, and so on 13 April 2014, Glencoe was annexed by Austenasia with the passing of an Act of Parliament.

On 22 September 2018, Lord Charles C., who had relinquished his Austenasian subjectship two years prior but was still the owner of the Glencoe estate, briefly re-established Domanglia and reclaimed Glencoe as Domanglian territory. However, as the recreated Principality was a simulationist entity, the claim was ceremonial.

From 29 September to 6 October 2018, the position of Deputy Governor of Glencoe was given by Jonathan I to one Daniel Cole. This week-long time in office was a sinecure enabling Cole - a friend of the Emperor and of Princess Hannah - to be granted Austenasian subjectship.


Number Picture Name Took office Left office Notes
1 Sir James von Puchow, Marquess of Atkantia 7 Mar 2016 7 Jan 2018 Appointed Governor by Emperor Jonathan I due to the hope that he would be able to visit Glencoe while studying at university in Scotland, but no visit was able to take place. Resigned in protest at the results of the 2018 Austenasian Constitutional Referendum.
2 Protopontiff Sir C. Sebastian Linden, KVJ, IKA, KPP 8 Jan 2018 Incumbent Appointed Governor by Emperor Jonathan I due to the expectation that he, like von Puchow, will be able to visit Glencoe. Plans to journey to Glencoe in the near future.