Aggelos I, Emperor of Imvrassia

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Aggelos Perpetuus Augustus
Άγγελος πιστός βασιλεύς Ιμβρασίας, αυτοκράτωρ Ρωμαίων
Faithful Imvrassian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans
Emperor of Imvrassia
Reign25 December 2020 – present
PredecessorEmpress Aikaterini I
SuccessorHeir presumptive Basilissa Aikaterini and Heir apparent Caesar Stamatios
King of Tarevia
Reign4 April 2022 – present
PredecessorHimself, as King of Timeria
Regent of Austenasia
Tenure30 April 2024 – present
MonarchEmperor Jonathan I
Emperor of Orfalia
Reign7 October 2015 – 1 December 2016
PredecessorUnion with Imvrassia
Prince and King of Imvrassia
Reign11 May 2011 – 5 November 2016
(as Prince until 21 March 2016 and then as King until 5 November 2016)
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorQueen Aikaterini
Born1 September 1981 (1981-09-01) (age 42)
IssueBasilissa Aikaterini
Despotissa Theologia
Caesar Stamatios
HouseHouse of Vatazides
ReligionGreek Orthodox

Aggelos I of Imvrassia (born 1 September 1981) is the current Emperor of Imvrassia, Head of the Imperial House of Imvrassia, and as Prince Regent Aggelos the Regent of Austenasia. His Majesty founded Imvrassia on 11 May 2011 as its sovereign Prince, served as Hegemon of the League of Hellenistic Micronations until 5 November 2016, and also reigned as Emperor of Orfalia until 1 December 2016 when he abdicated. He returned as Emperor of Imvrassia on 25 December 2020 following a decision of Empress Aikaterini. Aggelos is considered to be one of the most famous and influential Greek micronationalists.


The name Aggelos comes from Angelos (the one who brings news) and from the verb angelo which means: I bring news, I foretell. In ancient Greece, the term angel characterized someone who transmitted news, information or advertisements. Homer in his works already uses the word in this sense, while Herodotus and Xenophon use it to describe special envoys conveying messages or information. Angels are also used in other tasks, such as making treaties or collecting money. As a divine or transcendental presence, the concept of angel first appears in the person of Hermes, who is addressed as the angel of Persephone by Homer. Also according to Plato the Underworld has its angels, who are called "angels descending". In the Greek alphabet, the name is written as Άγγελος Α' which is properly transliterated as Aggelos I. The letter 'A' after the name identifies the numbering of the Monarch.


First reign

His Majesty has an active role in the politics of the State, as Head of State and also as a Minister. All the legislative and administrative changes wich have been made, reflects the desire and the willingness of growth and development of Imvrassia into the world of micronations, with elements from the political history of ancient Greece and Rome.

After a period in which His Majesty devoted himself to the organization and operation of Imvrassia, he began the reorganization in Greece of some inactive Greek states. This resulted in the establishment of the Commonwealth of Hellenic Micronations on 25 November 2013.

On 2 September 2015, His Majesty accepted the offer of the Crown of Orfalia and was enthroned King. At his new office he assumed the constitutional name of Angelos II, King of Orfalia and a personal union between Imvrassia and Orfalia was created. On 7 October 2015, the government of Orfalia proclaimed His Majesty as Emperor with the title and style of His Imperial Majesty Aggelos I, Emperor of Orfalia.
On 21 March 2016 His Majesty assumed the title of Basileus and upgrade the status of Imvrassia to a Kingdom. This date was chosen to commemorate another political act of the Roman Empire, that on the same date on 629 Emperor Heraclius adopted for the monarch's official title the same title as Aggelos did, although in Imvrassia had the meaning of the King and not the Emperor. On 23 June 2016, he separated the Duchy of Argadia from Imvrassia and proclaimed it as an independent state with himself as monarch. On 1 July 2016, after weeks of negotiation it was decided that the Duchy would join the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. On 6 October 2016 His Majesty reorganized the Commonwealth of Hellenic Micronations to a League of Hellenistic Micronations and remained head of the organization with the title of Hegemon. On 5 November 2016 Aggelos abdicate from the throne of Imvrassia and on 1 December 2016 from the throne of Orfalia too.


After his abdication as King, the Crown appointed His Majesty as Governor of Odrysia (ie a Crown land of Imvrassia) and as Minister of Foreign Affairs. On 11 April 2017 after a Decision of Stephen, the Abeldane Emperor, Aggelos appointed as Prince of Stella and on 9 May 2017 after a new Decision of the Abeldane Emperor, was appointed as Prince Regent of Abelden. On 8 August 2017 His Majesty abdicated from the Abelden's offices due to his non-micronational obligations.

On 6 August 2017, His Majesty founded the Austenasian Town of Ionisia where he currently resides, further cementing the friendship between Imvrassia and the Empire. The Town of Ionisia was dissolved exactly one year later, but the territory of the former Town, has been made temporarily a self-governorous area and His Majesty assumed the title of the Archon of Ionisia immediately after the region left the Empire.
On 30 November 2018 the Crown according to the new policy of the titles of nobility, awarded him the title of Nobelissimos.
By royal decree on 8 June 2019 he was promoted to the title of Despotes. On 25 July 2019 His Majesty declared the upgrade of the then Archontia of Ionisia to a Kingdom and he assumed the title of Epitropos until the enthronement of the new monarch. On 7 September 2019 Queen Aikaterini because of her non - micronational obligations, appointed Aggelos as Regent of Imvrassia and at the same day His Majesty has been appointed and Epitropos of Ionisia ( until 26 September 2019, when Ionisia became an Imvrassian Province).
On 8 May 2020 the Duchy of Argadia became independent and on 15 May 2020 His Majesty declared the upgrade of the Duchy to a Kingdom and he offer the same day the Argadian crown to the Empress of Imvrassia Aikaterini. The Empress in return appointed him as Head of the government with the title of Epi ton Pragmaton, due to the hellenistic traditions of Argadia. On 21 December 2020 by Imperial Degree, Aggelos promoted to junior co-emperor.

Second reign

On 25 December 2020, the Empress within the framework of the co - reign, proclaimed Aggelos as joint Emperor, to rule alongside to her.
On 9 January 2021, an imperial degree was issued by Emperor Aggelos in an effort to honor the Roman Emperor John III, and thus naming the reigning house of Imvrassia as the House of Vatazides. On 16 March 2021 Emperor Aggelos due to the long frienship between Imvrassia and Rhōmanía, appointed as Regent until 27 January 2022 with the title of Antibasileus Sebastokrator because of Emmanuel's temporary absence. On 18 March 2021 Empress Aikaterini honorably revoked from the the rank of Empress and so Emperor Aggelos remain sole monarch. On 20 March 2021, an Imperial Decree of HM Emperor Aggelos I was issued. This Decree adopted as an official stance and policy of the Imvrassian Government the view that the Imvrassian Monarch was through translatio imperii the legitimate successor in dignity of the Eastern Roman Emperors, and the official title change to Faithful Imvrassian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans.
On 1 January 2022, His Majesty accepted the offer of the Crown of Temiria and was enthroned as King. At his new office he assumed the constitutional name of His Majesty Aggelos I, King of Temiria and a personal union between Imvrassia and Temiria was created. On 20 March 2022 Temiria with Anvurna, Marenia and Ardamia formed a new State under the name Tarevia and the Goverment of the new Kingdom on 4 April 2022 offered the Crown to Aggelos as the new King.



The first interaction Aggelos had with the Empire of Austenasia was in his capacity as Imvrassian head of state, with friendly diplomatic contact being established in mid-2015. This culminated in a formal treaty of mutual recognition and friendly relations being signed on 19 April 2017; later that month, Aggelos was also appointed Austenasia's honorary non-accredited Ambassador to Greece, and in May of that year he became a founding member of the Order of Saint Constantine.

In August 2017, on the Feast of the Transfiguration, Aggelos' residence was annexed to Austenasia by his request as the Town of Ionisia, with Aggelos and his daughter becoming Austenasians. He was appointed Acting Representative of the new town, joining the Parliament of Austenasia, and was officially elected as such a month later.

Upon joining Austenasia with the annexation of Ionisia, Aggelos became a Landed Noble of Austenasia as Duke of Insulae, Count of Samos, and Baron of Ionisia. In the House of Representatives, Aggelos served as an active member of Parliament, frequently voting on and discussing legislation with the other Representatives. However, one year after its annexation, it was decided to dissolve Ionisia, with Aggelos needing to focus his time on Imvrassia. On 6 August 2018, Ionisia was dissolved, but its residents retained Austenasian nationality, and the highest-ranking of Aggelos' noble titles - Duke of Insulae - was regranted to him as a Peerage. Shortly before the dissolution of Ionisia, the Austenasian Foreign Office had also appointed Aggelos as Ambassador-at-Large for Romanity and Imperium, giving him a remit "to assist where possible with the promotion of the Roman tradition and with the establishing of relations with nations that are influenced by the Roman Empire".

Although no longer part of the Austenasian government, Aggelos continued to oversee an increasingly close and friendly relationship between Imvrassia and Austenasia, bonding especially with Emperor Jonathan I over their shared love of Greco-Roman heritage and their Orthodox faith. These friendly relations between the two monarchs culminated in the recognition of Aggelos as an Emperor on equal footing to the Austenasian Throne in 2020.

Aggelos briefly returned to the Austenasian Parliament for the month of July 2023, serving as Acting Representative for the new Austenasian Divisions#Europe and Africa Division of non-residential Austenasians. He served in this post until a Representative proper could be elected, but did not stand in the said election. On 20 September later that year, he was also appointed to the Privy Council as an official advisor to Jonathan I.

Heir to the Throne

On 5 April 2024, the Austenasian Senate - by request of Jonathan I - voted to remove all his relatives from the Line of Succession and replace such with a list of five trusted statesmen he nominated for the purpose. This came after confirmation that none of his relatives in Line to the Throne - mostly aunts and cousins not even holding Austenasian nationality - would be interested in holding it in any more than name only should the opportunity arise. It was therefore decided to put in place a system based primarily on meritocracy.

Due to his extensive experience as a constitutional monarch in Imvrassia, as well as his long history of involvement with Austenasia including two tenures in Parliament, Aggelos was at the forefront of consideration for the candidates for Heir. After discussion by the Senate, the proposed new Line of Succession featured Aggelos as first in line. Although now entitled to be known as Crown Prince, this title was not adopted by Aggelos within Austenasia, although he did become Sovereign of the Order of the Crown Prince, a heraldic order specifically in the gift of the Heir to the Throne. His appointment as Heir also entitled him to be appointed a Counsellor of State.


On 30 April 2024, Emperor Jonathan I declared a regency, stepping down from active leadership of Austenasia while remaining nominal Monarch. In such a situation, the Austenasian Senate is tasked with choosing between the Prime Minister or the Heir to the Throne to serve as Regent of Austenasia. If the Prime Minister is chosen as Regent, they have to step down from the former role, and with Austenasia only having recently had a general election, the Senate chose to appoint Aggelos as Regent, both due to his experience as a constitutional monarch and in order to prevent political instability by requiring another election.

Upon appointment as Regent, Aggelos assumed all powers and responsibilities of the Throne, becoming acting head of state of Austenasia. This followed discussion with Jonathan I during which the Emperor gave him advice and information about ruling the Empire. Now functioning as Austenasia's ruler, it was considered inappropriate for Aggelos to continue to be referred to in that capacity by his Imvrassian titles, and so he assumed the style and title of "HI&MH Prince Regent Aggelos" within Austenasia, the unusual style of Imperial and Majestic Highness being adopted in reference to his rank as a sovereign while avoiding any confusion with Emperor Jonathan I, who is styled as Imperial Majesty.

Titles, styles, and honours


Monarchical styles of
Emperor Aggelos
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleAugouste

The official title of Emperor Aggelos as Imvrassian Monarch is :

(In English) His Majesty Aggelos Faithful Imvrassian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans, Perpetuus Augustus
(Στα Ελληνικά) Η Αυτού Μεγαλειότης Άγγελος πιστός Βασιλεύς Ιμβρασίας, Αυτοκράτωρ των Ρωμαίων και Αιώνιος Αύγουστος
(In Latin) Imperator Caesar Angelus Augustus

The official title of Emperor Aggelos as Tarevian Monarch is :

(In English) His Majesty Aggelos, King of Tarevia, Perpetuus Augustus
(In Spanish) Su Majestad Aggelos, Rey de Tarevia, Perpetuus Augustus

In Imvrassia:

  • 25 December 2020 – present: His Majesty the Emperor of Imvrassia
    • 21 December 2020 - 25 December 2020: His Highness, Symbasileus Aggelos
    • 8 June 2019 - 21 December 2020: His Highness, Despotes Aggelos
    • 30 November 2018 – 7 June 2019: His Highness, Nobelissimos Aggelos
    • 5 November 2016 - 29 November 2018: His Royal Highness, Prince Aggelos of Imvrassia
    • 21 March 2016 - 5 November 2016: His Majesty, the King of Imvrassia
    • 11 May 2011 - 20 March 2016: His Highness, the Prince and Despot of Imvrassia

In Orfalia:

  • 7 October 2015 – 1 December 2016: His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Orfalia
  • 2 September 2015 – 6 October 2015: His Majesty, the King of Orfalia

In Rhōmanía

  • 16 March 2021 - 27 January 2022: Aggelos, in Christ the God, faithful Regent and Sebastokrator of the Romans
  • 28 January 2022 – present : Mr. Aggelos Imvrassios

In Temiria

  • 1 January 2022 - 4 April 2022 : His Majesty Aggelos, King of Temiria

In Tarevia

  • 4 April 2022 – present : His Majesty Aggelos, King of Tarevia

In Abelden:

  • 11 April 2017 - 8 August 2017: His Highness, the Prince of Stella
  • 9 May 2017 - 8 August 2017: His Imperial Highness, the Prince Regent of Abelden

In Graecia

  • 8 November 2023 – present : His Excellency Angelos Imvrassios, Eponymous Archon of Græcia

In Austenasia

  • 30 April 2024 – present : His Imperial and Majestic Highness Prince Regent Aggelos

In various Hellenic States:

  • 15 May 2020 - 24 October 2020 His Highness, Prince Aggelos of Argadia
  • 23 June 2016 – 15 May 2020: His Royal Highness, the Duke of Argadia
  • 25 July 2019 – 1 August 2019: His Highness, the Epitropos of Ionisia
  • 7 August 2018 – 25 July 2019: His Highness, the Archon of Ionisia
  • 7 March 2012 – 12 January 2013: His Highness, the Prince of the Heptarchy of New Herakleia
  • 11 December 2012 – 15 January 2013: His Highness, the Prince of the Despotate of New Mystras


Ribbon bars

Order of the Yellow Dragons Order of Lundenwic Order of the Golden Dragon
Order of the Rampant Lion Order of the Imperium Abludum
Order of Merit of the Vilthian Cross

Foreign orders

Foreign titles


Imperial coat of arms Imperial standard Personal coat of arms Armorial in Vishwamitra

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