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Coat of arms
Motto: Inseparabilis in Omni Tempore
Latin: Inseparable at all times
Oregon, United States
CapitalFredensberg City
Official languagesLegatian, English
GovernmentFederal constitutional and absolute monarchy
• Monarch
• Governor-General
HIRM The Former Empress, Rachel
• Prime Minister
Kerry Stapleton
LegislatureLegatian Parliament[1]
Establishment25 December 2011
• (official count) census
CurrencyPound, alongside with the Trimole
This nation is an Abeldane Commonwealth member.

Legatia is a enclave and exclave state which spans across the world. It is divided into 6 republics, Burkland, Northern Legatia, Southern Legatia, Huma, Nirapēkṣa, Ovižava, and which is divided into cities. There is also a free-area and an occupied area in Legatia. The government is currently a constitutional and absolute monarchy, with HI&RM Emperor and King Newton being the Monarch and his representative and Prime Minister, HIRM The Former Empress and Queen, Rachel I.

It was reestablished by Elizabeth Grotdrot on the 28 August 2014 and became an Abeldane Commonwealth member under the sovereign HIRM Stephen of Abelden. On 29 August 2014, Fredensberg became a kingdom under the approval of the Prime Minister and the Emperor. On the 28 October 2015, the new Legatian Parliament was created, after replacing the Reichsversammlung, which also replaced the Chamber of Deputies previously. It was previously known as Fredensbergen from January 2017 till March 2017.


Government and Politics

Foreign relations

Fredensberg has a long history of foreign relations with other nations ever since it was established on the 25 December 2011.


Mutual recognition

Informal relations

Former relations


Legatia is divided into republics and are independent on governing themselves with each governors being the head of the republics. Currently,

Flag Name Created Population Representative
Legatia City (City)[3]
6 June 2014
2 HIRM The Former Empress and Queen Rachel I
21 June 2012
4 HIRM The Former Empress and Queen, Rachel I
31 May 2012
1 HIM King Stephen
19 March 2012
1 HIRM The Former Empress and Queen, Rachel
22 April 2012
1 HIRM The Former Empress and Queen, Rachel
Northern Legatia
25 December 2011
1 HIRM The Former Empress and Queen, Rachel
Southern Legatia
25 December 2011
1 HIRM The Former Empress and Queen, Rachel


  1. The Reichsversammlung was Legatia's parliament from 29 August 2014 until 28 October 2015.
  2. A condominium independent nation of Abelden and Legatia.
  3. Not any part of a republic as it is the capital of Legatia.
  4. Previously a self-declared sovereign city-state from 19 March 2012 until 29 November 2015 and was a political experiment of Legatia.