History of Burkland

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History of Burkland
Native America (?-1607)
British Empire (1607-1776)
United States (1940-2011)
ComradeMr Republic (3 Apr.-27 Jun. 2011)
Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic (27 Jun.-9 Jul. 2011)
Marxist People's Republic of Burkland (9 Jul.- Present)

The history of the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland, formally known as the ComradeMr Republic, has some of the least organized records of history though much of the information is organized. Still some information has not been discovered yet. The documents are known to exist however they haven't been found or remembered as record keeping the history of the ComradeMr Republic was not a concern for the government.

Early signs of micronationalism

Around mid 2010, Matthew and his brother were fans of the show "Homestar Runner" and the Strong Bad Emails sub-series. They were inspired by Strong Bad's Strong Badia and founded their own nation in their bedroom now referred to as "Mattland" with the original name being a secret. The nation is considered a technical predecessor to the ComradeMr Republic yet Mattland came inactive before the foundation of the ComradeMr Republic which makes the status as predecessor unofficial.

Pre-Natlandist history

Matthew wanted to form a micronation as a hobby and to have a country were he decided the rules. Originally, the ComradeMr Republic was a non-territorial micronation until it decided to claim an part of Antarctica that was never decided.[1] Matthew currently regards the pre-Natlandist ComradeMr Republic as a non-serious micronation apprising to be serious once the resources were available. The only other citizen besides Matthew was inactive, so the nation was a de facto egotist micronation. In turn, this led to internal failures in the Comrader regime and thus was a key reason in the dissolution.

Fall of the ComradeMr Republic

Flag of the Natlandist Party.

On June 27, 2011, the ComradeMr Republic change its system of governance to Natlandism,[2] which in turn led to criticism of the ComradeMr Republic along with NPD Istoria and Natlandism as a whole.[3] One of the common criticisms of the ComradeMr Republic was the name[4] which was one of the issues that led to the renaming of the ComradeMr Republic.[3] Another common criticism was the fact that Comrader Natlandist People's Party created a Natlandist Party in the Federal Republic of St.Charlie which Istoria recognized as the ruling party of St.Charlie.[5] Which led to heavy criticism of Natlandism, Istoria and ComradeMr Republic.[6] St.Charlie's President of the Parliament Alexander Reinhardt criticized Max Kasbar and indirectly Matthew Burklandssen in the St.Charlian Observer for trying to install a Natlandist state in St.Charlie when there was no Natlandists in St.Charlie.[7] As a result of the criticism, on July 9, the Natlandist regimes of Istoria and the ComradeMr Republic dissolved.[8] Posthumously, Burklandis lean towards seeing their former micronation as non-serious however they also see the pre-Natlandist regime as their spiritual ancestor.

Early Post-Natlandist history

First Burklandi flag.

When the ComradeMr Republic changed form of government to Natlandism, the Republic along with the founder of Natlandism, the NPD Istoria, where attacked by several micronations in the MicroWiki sector. In order to disassociate themselves with Natlandism, the ComradeMr Republic changed their name to the Burklandi Authority which was originally a transitional state to a more aggressive foreign policy.[9][10] Later it was a transitional state to a less aggressive policy replacing its political beliefs with Marxism and Communism.[11] Later, after the secure establishment of the Marxist People's Republic, Burkland was attacked by the micronation called Glisean Empire,[12] a young micronation. The negotiations between Burkland and the Glisean Empire where fast and not very useful, and the Burklandi government later qualified the war declaration as "Non-serious and unnecessary", avoiding the war with the later renamed Glisean Republic.[13]

Burkland has requested relations with the former Berinese Confederation which created obstacles in Burklandi foreign relations over opposing views and ideologies with a nation friendly to Burkland. The relations problem has lead to hostilities with Berin.[14] Which the first time Burkland could be an enemy of a nation friendly to it. However, relations seem to have eased between the two nations. On September 19, 2011, President Matthew applied for a claim in Micras as a "cultural project."[15] However, on the main reasons for the claim was to keep in contact with Tiana after it adopted Micras as it main sector. On the same day, the claim was approved by the MCS.[16] On September 26, 2011, L'Internationale became the national anthem of Burkland.[17] Notably, the ComradeMr Republic was refounded for a little bit in order to address legal problems than it redissolved.[18]

Expansion into the IMTO sector

Despite some political differences, Burkland, the Dale Republic and Westsylvania were great allies forming an unnamed micronational sector. Soon the Triple Alliance was reformed between the Holy Dallmark Empire, the former Dale Empire and Burkland. When the Holy Dallmark Empire was kicked out for "offensive rants towards the micronational community," Westsylvania became the replacement. Soon the Alliance wanted to expand its influence and formed IMTO. The Burklandi government quickly gained influence within the IMTO sector. Matthew of Burkland soon became the Vise-Secretary General of IMTO. On the same day, Matthew tried to start a reform to increase internal activity and a day later the Burklandi Minecrafter Territory was started. It was officially finished in two days.[19] On October 22, 2011, the Republic of Couchland, a nation ruled by a friend of the Burklandi President, became the first official trading partner to Burkland which, in turn, led to creation of "goldfish sandwiches." The leader of nation became controversial in IMTO when he said an anti-OAM comment despite being an OAM member which he later took back.[20]

Burkland as a Zealandian dominion

In late October, discussions over Burkland's membership in the Zealandian Rekswhaleskabet started however all talks regarding the Rekswhaleskabet became inactive in early November, 2011 yet in mid-early November an agreement regarding Burkland to dominion status was agreed. The agreement became in effect November 22, 2011. After this, Matthew started to get more involved in Zealandian politics with him being a SUPZ candidate in the December 1st elections and a member of its politburo. Internal activity became centred around "the Sector."[21]

Creation of the Ter Sami Institute

The Burklandi government, which had been mostly inactive at the time, became interested in the Ter Sami language which currently has only two speakers. Resulting from such interest, the government founded the Burklandi Institute for the Revival of Ter Sami in order to expand interest in revival of the language. Joseph Puglisi, after being informed of its existence, hoped that its efforts would secede. This helped increase internal activity in Burkland. This also counts as a development of culture. The Burklandi government gave it up to the IMTO.[22]

Territory changed

On January 9, 2011, Burkland changed its mainland so it can have control over its mainland. It comprises of Mattistan, the Legatian-Burklandi embassy and an area made up grass. The area is often called the "grassy area" in place of having no real name.[23] It also gained a national park after it was decided that the land was most likely private property. It is called New Herway-Anthylls in honour of the Herway Department which was entirely made up of the Anthylls National Park.[24]

Annexation era

Legatia was annexed by the Burklandi nation. Seeing how, since declaring independence in the Christmas of 2011, it has been inactive but was used as a de facto headquarters of Burkland, Legatians thought it would be best to give the territory to Burkland. The former Legatian-Burklandi Embassy became the Outer Legatian People’s Province and the main territorial claims of Burkland became about 1000 square feet or about 92.903 square meters.

Later, the government annexed Southern Mars as part of its nominal territory. Then, Zealandia gave Burkland a square metre of land in the Iceland Bay area. Then, on the same day, Burkland annexed more land to make up for the fact that the mainland of Burkland (Legatia and New Herway-Anthylls) was divided by the United States. This would make sure that Burklandis can go to Legatia to New Herway-Anthylls without going into the territory of the United States. Despite this, the Burklandi government didn't had any plans for more expansion. However, a small forest-like area known as the People's Fort Area for defensive purposes. Another small forest-like area was annexed, after Matthew Burklandssen told the de facto ruler of the area about his country. Now, a mission of annexation of uninhabited lands bordering the mainland has been made official policy in order to get more self-sufficiency.


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