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Semi-Autonomous Oblast of Mattistan
மத்தேயு-நில பகுதி தன்னாட்சி மாகாணத்தின் (ta)

Region (Burkland)
Motto: One square micrometre but proud

FoundedJanuary 2, 2012
GovernmentSemi-autonomous joint territory
ThaneMatthew Burklandssen

Mattistan or the Semi-Autonomous Joint Territory of Mattistan is a semi-autonomous joint territory of Zealandia and Burkland. It was first part of the non-serious micronation of FUCKING, until Kozuc absorbed the nation. This presented a case which Matthew Burklandssen was a citizen of Kozuc. Riley Small, the President of Kozuc, said yes. He later declared it a semi-autonomous oblast. Since it was originally Tianan territory, it declared itself a joint territory of Zealandia, Tiana and Burkland. Matthew was demoted to non-territorial citizen status. It was also part of Tiana until they gave up. the claim It was the provincial capital of Burkland. Geographically, it is a micrometre in the Tiana Bay landlocked entirely by Tiana's territorial waters.